First things first, history, the Bike then Mine. So we can all start lobbing Bombs on the same page.
This is my 4th Yamaha, 2nd Venture Royale. The 83 I had I bought it at 17lk miles as a basket case of parts from a dealership of all places, literally a pickup truck full of parts. 2 months later Im all over the place riding short long didnt matter. I had my own shop. My XS11 special was the first shaft drive daily driver bike to wing class Champion and Grand Champion at Norwalk 84 or 85 , been a minute. This current bike sat for years as the owners health was bad. He was a well known Guy that had a dealership in New Hampshire. His Wife was a wonderful Lady we had prayer the day I picked up the bike. Her Husband the owner of the dealership and This Bike had recently passed away. The Bike was and Is Special. considering it was missing nothing and beautiful in appearance, the price was to low to put here but for what ever reason It sat there until I made the 6 hr drive to go get it.
It had been ridden once a year for 10 years. according to the wife it didnt get 50 miles a year Parades only.
So Now I have it and the carbs dont wanna cooperate. without going into details, My health and living conditions went from the best of times and facilities to zero. No Home, No Shop, No Garage. So what ever I do has to be done when its not raining or snowing.
Sunday Evening I gave her a full can of seafoam. For all you guys that are on the fence about the Foam, Its the best product of its kind on the market. If it dont work, FIX The Problem!
This evening after climbing down off my cabin building site, I got her fired up and baby walked the rpm down as it warmed up for about 30 mins. it seemed to idle a tad better but based on throttle position and the idle screw position, its not measurable other than its not shutting off when I leave it alone, Holds steady at around 1150 rmps. any lower and she hiccups and stalls out.
Other issues in play, the 2in x 4 inch chrome and black rectangular cover on the side of the right hand rear cylinder has a slow but steady coolant drip, Head Gasket?? Haven't run a pressure test yet. Wiring Harness connections had the green death all over the place when I first got it, nothing electrical worked except headlight and parking lights, no turn signals brake light nothing. Fuse panel and most connections full of green corrosion. Picked up a wiring harness off ebay for $35. that did the trick. I got everything working except the cruise control.
I have another spare Harness, New Radiator. She needs some plastics repairs, I tend to use fiberglass for those as it lasts and holds better even if it is a pain to work with.
So heres what Im thinking to do, and feel free to drop bricks on my head to stop me if im going in the wrong direction.
1, Compression Test, Dry and wet check rings and then another go to check valve sealing.
2. Coolant system pressure leak down test.
3. Rebuild the carbs, at the very least diaphragms and clean the jets ( recommendations plz jet sizing?).
4. Where the radio goes, is an empty Box No clue what was there, harness ends misc wires. Thinking it was same as my 83 stereo and intercom??
5. Finish the rewire on the factory cruise control.
6. Does this bike have an automated ride control system? If it does I cant find it. Its all the way down like riding a 900lb brick with a bad attitude.
IN closing , the bike came with a $400 in parts, exhaust seals, wheel Bearings, Filters, misc nuts bolts etc.
AND! 2 Manuals. Yamaha Factory Service Manual P/N LIT-11616-07-27 supplement and the Original P/N LIT-11616-10-67.
If theres another Manual I need Link me up and I get to it.
Im all Ears Gentlemen. Go easy, My Feet dont work well anymore an Im too crippled to run away from ya.
God Bless ya and Ride Safe!!