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    So Saturday night the company I work for had their annual Christmas Party. The food was fantastic and the live band was outstanding not unlike the band playing at our WNY rallies. A great variaty of music from country to old and new rock was played and as many of you know I do love to dance, so I barely stopped dancing all night, doing waltz's 2 steps, foxtrots, jives and swings and some of those other ones, I guess for the lack of a better word, I will just call freestyle.

    All was going great when all of a sudden I felt my right knee pop and I near went down, which almost gave the phrase "how low can you go" a whole new meaning. Went to emergency the next day, were they did an ultra sound on my knee. This resulted in the ground breaking news of "Well Mr Bennink, You tore the Cartilage in your knee. So in one split second I went from twinkle toes to gimpy needing a cane to get around on. Of course I got the usual this is what sometimes happens when people over indulge at parties. Assuming she was referring to my having had too much to drink. I some what sarcastically asked her, so how much water should I have limited myself to, since that was all I drank the whole night. Too which she replied jokingly, well maybe a little would not have been such a bad idea.

    Hopefully it heals up ok since I am not ready to give up riding yet. Of course I am surfing the internet now looking for miracle cures which we all know do not exist, but one can hope. Right?

    I got to say though that poor leg has seen a lot of abuse from sports injures as a youth. That leg got injured so many times. twisted during high jumping competitions. It got side swiped by a tree during a motocross event through a bush course. Hung up in a stirrup as the horse I was working dragged me across a field were kids later found me unconscious. I once even rolle a skidoo were the leg got pinned between the body of the skidoo and the handlebar resulting in me roling with the skidoo insted of getting tossed free. I guess it was all bound to catch up with me sooner or later.
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