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Thread: Cold Weather/Winter Gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atlanta Bill View Post
    I bet it was invigorating and a whole lot of fun!
    Mercifully I don't need to ride to work or out of necessity. I just know there will be some cold (for Atlanta ) days coming up when I'll still want to ride.
    It was interesting to learn the leather gloves didn't hack it. I kind of knew just regular jeans with no long johns would be problematic.


    ...beautiful bike, btw.
    Ahh this particular day it was not out of necessity. It was just a for the pure love of riding on a beautiful winters day. The snow storm ride was because I knew I could get through with the faithful ol enduro and if need be leave the road to get around traffic, since I was use to doing winter enduro's. Were as the cage could get blocked behind other vehicles who have no idea how to drive in the snow.
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