Hi There
I am a 48 year mechanic from south of Norway. I just bought myself an 1998 xvz1300 Royal Star. Lovely bike but needs little bit love and care. I have a couple of things/questions on my list, and i hope that some of you guys can help me out. 1: the brakes are horrible, even with new pads. Will calippers from R6 or R1 fit? 2: i would like a lower front seat but cannot find anything online. Does the seat from a newer Venture fit? Or are there any aftermarket ones still around? 3: Forward controls. Looks like no one is selling those to this bike anymore. Do you have any tips? 4: Have someone fitted a Batwing fairing? How does it look and how does it feel? I have the original big screen but i do get the wind straight in my helmet, its not comfortable. 5: Performance, have you any experience from jet kits? I do have 4-4 half muffled silencers and i can feel that there is more power that wants to come out. Is KN, Sigma or any other kits preferred?.

Just to mention, i have worked on bikes for 35 years. Restoring, building cafe racers, bobbers, streetfighter etc. so i know my way around bikes. Its just my first time with this lovely v4, and i want to turn it into a better bike.

Thanks and regards from Norway. If anyone is planning a trip over here, hook me up and i can help with information etc.

Bernhard Hoff