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Thread: 1995 Kawasaki Voyager

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    Default 1995 Kawasaki Voyager

    I am looking to clean out the garage and this is one thing I need to get to another home. It has a clear title and needs to be reassembled. The majority of the parts are there and there is a lot of extra bling that was added to it. It's located 45 NE of Houston Texas and you'll need a truck or trailer to get it where you want it. I'm asking $650 for it, if you have any questions ask and I'll give you the answers if I know them.
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    Gunboat....I eagerly await the day we can ride together again, Godspeed my brother

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    Default Re: 1995 Kawasaki Voyager

    Awe,, come on my lop eared Texas Hero varmint brother = you KNOW you wanna put that thing back together and ride er up here and visit Tip and I!!!!!

    To whom it may concern,,,,, if you buy this bike from Squid and can get up here to Michigan,,,, I got a bunch of left over kibbles and bits from building on those particular scoots.. I got saddle bag parts, side rails, foot peg assemblies and so on and so forth = NO CHARGE,, just come and get the stuff!!! Buy my brothers bike and this stuff is YOURS!!!


    to ya'll!!
    Remembering my brother and friend:
    "I'm not Yammer Dan" - Yammer Dan
    Proverbs 18:24 - "There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother"..
    Miss you bro - Puc
    Life is just one step after another..on a rocky hill side-Sly

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