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Thread: Darksiding '18 Venture/Eluder

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    Default Darksiding '18 Venture/Eluder


    (Note: duplicate of thread in Darksiding Category. There's just more traffic here.)

    I don't need to yet, but am planning on switching to dark on my '18 Eluder. Currently the rear tire is a Bridgestone 200/55R16 and is only available through dealers for $348. Ridiculous! Now I've been researching this quite a bit, mostly on the site as Gold Wings have about the same setup as we do but have been doing this for a longer time.

    My probable replacement will be a Bridgestone Drive Guard RF, 205/55R16 as that's very slightly larger than OEM but is a run flat. Oh, yeah, costs about $135. too.

    Has anyone tried anything else out yet?


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    Default Re: Darksiding '18 Venture/Eluder

    Personal choice...but I will never Darkside..... I will replace the Bridgestone with the New Dunlop D 423 it is a 200/55R16 and is used stock on the new wing priced between $220-280 rear rubber. Multi rubber compound, better wear......
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    Default Re: Darksiding '18 Venture/Eluder

    My personal opinion....

    I went "double-dark" on my '03 Wing and just dark on my '13 Victory CCT.

    - Less expensive by leaps and bounds when you factor in the initial tire price and the extended mileage you get out of it.
    - as good or better handling especially on slippery surfaces
    - smoother ride
    - more weight capacity
    - as good or better cornering especially on slippery surfaces such as tar snakes, wet pavement, etc
    - and... I know this is a bit of a debatable point but there are tests that show "some" C/T tires have more tread on the ground in a corner than an M/C tire.

    the ONLY downside I and many others find is it doesn't track as well on those ridges in the highway ... tends to want to run off the high point ... that said, you very quickly get used to it and don't even notice the difference after a while.

    "some" say going into and out of a lean is an issue but with the right C/T, (one that has a slightly rounded outer edge), you really don't notice anything.

    For me, a C/T is the ticket on a big tourer.

    (and I know there are many nay-sayers out there ... that is their choice ... I'm not trying to sway them, only stating my personal experience and feelings and you can be sure I did a LOT of research on the subject before I pulled the trigger)


    Live to Love - Love to Ride

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