They fought for the land of freedom and then lived the way of life they fought to protect!!!

AWESOME POST HERE that I copy/pasted luvmy40 - THANK YOU serving and for sharing!!!

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If we followed the manual verbatim as a religion, no one would ever ride further than the corner store. If that far!

My buddy and I got our picture in an Easy Rider edition (pic sent in by a reader) from a road trip back in the Eighties. I was PCSing to Germany, he had recently ETSed and I was taking him back to Nashville on my way home to Ohio.

We were on a 1984 Harley Davidson FXST with my home built over sized leather saddle bags stuffed to bursting, our bed rolls hung saddle bag style over those, 3 fully packed duffles stacked and strapped to the rear fender and a medic's bag full of tools on the forks. Neither of us were huge at the time, maybe 350lb combined but I guaranty that bike weighed close to 1000 lbs without us and it ran 80mph from Colorado Springs to Nashville without a problem.