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  1. I had to bail out of work today, been having pain and discomfort under my ribcage. It has been going on for 3-4 days and getting worse, I didnt think it was my heart, I just had a stress test a couple of months ago and everything was fine, Dr. seems to believe its my gall bladder, sent me for an ultra sound. Dont have the results yet, but I hope they get back to me quickly, Every time if flares up it gets worse and last longer.......and I had a work day scheduled to work on the 83, we were gonna put the motor back in the frame and start putting her back in one piece, now it may be on hold for a little while.........sometimes life really SUCKS!!!!
  2. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/media/set/?set=a.3366232229506.143126.1080157736&type=1 I hope this link works..If it doesnt I will do something different
  3. Not even four months of 2012 and so far not the best year. Too many things on the go. Some things are suppose to be happy but with all the issues the happy things are not that good. Building a new home is suppose to be fun but so far it is more stressful than enjoyable. Rhonda's birthday came and went, well I screwed that one up completly, no excuses just screwed up and no way to do it over. Working on it but not the same thing and I hope she can forgive me. Our Dog Ben passed away on her birthday to top that one off. Rhonda's mother was miss dignosed with an Aneurysm (glad it was miss diagnosed). Rhonda also started a new job hoping they are understandable, as My mother has not been doing well and recently has been diagnosed with stage 4 advanced pancreatic cancer. She has been battling a few other issues and lost alot of weight preventing treatment. Received a call earlier and it may have spread to the brain. Waiting on Cat scan results. Been tough on my Father and the next few weeks is going to be real tough for him. Sure would be nice to get some news that is not negative. Brad
  4. wondering if anyone is riding to the Blessing of the Bikes, in Holland? i hope to have stainless br lines and de-link by then. heres a link:http://blessingofthebikes.com/index.html.
  5. need a little help on finding where this hose goes. i thought it would be simple do to the fact the hose is short i would just hold it in everywhere the hose would fit and find it, not so. i hope its not just a vent hose. i looked in the manual but after my eyes started crossing i thought I'd go to the pros, thanks. hope the pic is good enough. o, my bad, its the hose just above the oil sight glass. its hooked to a nipple coming out of the bottom of the casing.
  6. Hope everyone is ok down there. RandyA
  7. http://www.komonews.com/weather The fork oil will be draining for 24 hours and so tomorrow morning will begin the removal of parts to install my new progressive springs. Hope all goes well for I'm off Friday for a short ride.
  8. Hope to get some feedback from anyone who is rideing with the ebay 5mm thick from china, do they work as good as stock, is there anything we should know about them. thanks.
  9. I took my bike out of storage today.I installed new plugs and synced the carbs.The problem i am having is the no.4 carb is not in line with the other three on the guages.When i am riding through town the bike smokes really bad.When I go onto the highway it smokes for a mile or so and runs great.I just put seafoam in the tank and am taking it out right away.I sure hope that fixes it.It never did that last year.I rebuilt the carbs 2 years aga.The cylinder is getting spark so it must be a fuel issue.Any advice would sure be nice.
  10. Just heard there were some tornadoes today. Hope everyone is okay !
  11. here's a funny video filmed at barber's for their 2012 races. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GG8fgmz3LQ&feature=####]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GG8fgmz3LQ&feature=####[/ame] hope you enjoy it, i'm hoping to be at the vintage races again this year, hope some of you can make it over.
  12. Well.... I've taken tomorrow off for a three day weekend. Tomorrow will be spent bringing my wheel and tire to the shop to have a new rear tire put on. The rest of the weekend will be spent riding. (I Hope). I think I've narrowed it down between the Dunlop D404 and The Shinko 777. Any thoughts on these or should I be looking at something different all together? I'm really leaning towards the Dunlop but just thought I'd pop in for a few varied opinions. Hope ya'll are doing great! Happy trails! Jay
  13. It decided to get cold down here south of the Mason Dixon so I decided to change out the stock shield for the new F4Customs Shield. I am documenting for a write up with Pics but I did have one initial comment. After that I hope to ride Tuesday with a few friends if the weather clears like it says. OMG it's Big! [ATTACH]64308[/ATTACH]
  14. Jeff I wanted to say thanks for all the support and encouragement you gave me on going to school. Three more weeks of theory and then we get into the labs and actually use tools on bikes. I am starting to understand the reason for some of the stuff you showed me. I noticed your post on the Wing. I hope that Honda does as well for you as you have done for so many of us. I don't think Ft Knox has enough gold reserves to repay you for all the time, miles, and sweat you have spent bailing some of us out of our maintenance woes.
  15. Did a search and cant find anything that describes my probelm exactly. Ive just finished washing the bike and now it wont crank at all. Ignition on, kill switch on and press the start button, headlight dosent go out and temp light comes on. Tried it with the clutch in and the stand up but still no go. Hope someone here has had the same issue and can help with my problem. Just noticed that the speedo is iluminating but the odometer is'nt showing and the oil light is not on.
  16. I met bongobob and his wife today on there way down to go on a cruise. It is always nice to put a face with names of the Venturerider family and I hope to meet more of you.I should have taken pics but it wasn't on a post- it note so I forgot.... Tom
  17. i hope this isnt in the wrong area, and i know its not venture related but we all need to be aware of this i think, not wanting to cause any conflict so if i'm in the wrong with this post mod's will take care of it i'm sure
  18. Happy Birthday Larry. Hope you don't have to spend your special day "digging out". Eat a piece of cake for Don. Have a great day and hope you have many many more birthdays! Can't wait til we all go riding again. Patti and Don
  19. will post down the road.
  20. I just recently acquired a set of rotor covers that included the install instructions and I thought I would share that with everyone here who might need to reference it. Hope this helps. Rick F.
  21. The link below to Web Bike worl says that Michelin has announced effective today that the new CommanderIIs have been released. http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-news/2012/michelin-commander-tires.htm Lets hope they are as good as the originals and as good as the press release says they are.
  22. Hi guys, I'm a newby here and You have a great forum here (very friendly/helpful) , any how I was wondering how many members are in the Phoenix Metro area?? I've seen some guys in Tucson and Globe,Az but IDK if anybody is closer to my area......... A big thx goes out to Condor and Geejo for their help on parts I needed... Hope to get this GREEN Beast up and running soon LOTS of work to be done here... let's see if I can attach a pic
  23. Your plight has not gone unnoticed. http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/01/09/finally-can-throw-your-phone-in-toilet/?test=faces
  24. I got an e-mail today saying all in stock Clearview shields are on sale 1/2 off. Hope this helps anyone looking for a new one.
  25. Two years old today.............Its been a rough two years....hope the next year is easier.........but we still love ya !!!
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