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  1. Last night after riding my '83 VR about 8 miles and watching my gas gage go from 3 bars to empty, I thought I better investigate. I pulled the cover off of the breather box so I could see the carbs. I noticed that when I rev the engine up that the slides are not moving very much. I can also see a lot of gas on top of the butterflies. I guess my question is, how much should the slides move? It seems to run very well out on the road but now I wonder how much better is should run. When I first crank it up after setting over night, it takes a few minutes for it to start hitting on all cylinders. T
  2. Guest

    float adj on carbs

    hello v7goose write up on carb floats only covers the measurment and not how to adj the float its self i had my carbs off but do not see how to adj the floats when i cruse at 60 the bikes acks like it needs gas but when i give it gas it will run fine as lone as i am acellerating i was told it maybe carbs flooding and floats need adj any help or what to do new fuel filter all lines clear kevin 1999 rsv
  3. Myself, my brother, and 3 friends are riding from NYC to Catskill village and back tmrw and any and all are welcome to join us! Not sure what the best place to post up these rides is! Meeting at the first gas station on palisades parkway right over the George Washington Bridge 7:15 AM. Come one come all! Kickstands up 7:30
  4. I stoped and tryed to get some gas at a local station and it was pumping slow I got about 3/4 of a tank and went in to pay and said must be something wrong with your pump and she says oh I will tell the owner when he gets here. I get about 12 miles on the tank of fule and I am wondering if I will even get home. So to work I go on the cycle clean conections all that I can find move the TCI as long as I am at it. Still doent run very well take it for a ride it starts to run better but not like it did. Telling a friend of mine and he says sound like fule filter I just put a new one in a couple o
  5. I figured I'd post here as I'm sure someone has the experience to guide me. For the last 2 days I have been getting a pungent sewer gas smell from a cabinet in my kitchen. This cabinet is not under the sink, but it is against the wall where I believe the main vent runs. It has been raining pretty bad for 2 or 3 days as well. I noticed a few things: 1 The smell (not as strong) is present in the cabinets of all bathroom sinks 2. I don't smell anything from the drain openings 3. The smell was almost gone then the wife ran the dishwasher & it got bad again! Am I correct in assumin
  6. Hey everybody. I'm just curious if I'm getting good gas mileage on my 83. I'm averaging about 150 miles on a full tank of gas. Is that about average? Or can I do better?
  7. Gas is headed to a buck a gallon in Kansas. Down 30 cents in three weeks. $3.459 yesterday.
  8. Owen

    Gas Pumps

    EPA to remove vapor-capturing rubber boot from gas pump handles. Linky
  9. Has anyone had their gas cap come apart? I lost a screw most likely in the tank that I,ll have to get out . The other was still there but really loose. anyway the springs in it came out and I wanted to know if anybody knew where they went.
  10. I have gas leaking from both over flow hoses on my carbs any suggestions or ideas all 4 carbs were rebuilt and synced and did not have this problem before I started putting everything back together:confused24:
  11. To start i have changed the oil and filter on my 99 RSTD put everything back together (was a partial basket case) replaced slave cylinder soaked clutch disc carbs were rebuilt by previous owner(friend) in which i did hear the motor run (which is 1 reason my wife bought it and it looks good) 7 months ago gas tank was off (ran on mason jar with gas) i dont know if fuel filter was changed and dont know where its located but i am getting gas to 2 carbs cause its leaking out of the overflow hose she turns over clutch pulled, in gear, stand up and in nutral but will not run any ideas i taped the bow
  12. I was going to buy a new Weed Whacker but decided to work on the old one. It wouldn't run except with full choke. I drained the fuel and just put in Seafoam and cranked it a few times and let it sit for 24 hours. Drained the Seafoam put in fresh gas and it started up and ran just like it was suppose to. It even idled and didn't stall until I shut it off. Great stuff that Seafoam.
  13. Sunday after getting the brakes blead, exhaust leak/backfire problem fixed and the rest of the body parts back on it was time to take her out on the road to see how she would do with the new Programmable TCI. So I called and arranged a hook up with RandyR in Dahlonga for the Bear On the Square Festival. (about a 75 mile one way trip) She deffinately had a lot more acceration in all ranges but it was not a smooth acceration. It felt as if the bike was surging or lunging forward as it was cruising and accerating with a jerky reaction. When I would gun it, it the would increase RPM but it felt
  14. I have a 98 Royal Star that I purchased basically in pieces. I have put it all together myself and had to re jet the carbs because I could not find a replacement exhaust for the 4 into 4 factory pieces and they were not able to be reused because the previous owner had tried to do some "custom" welding which made them useless. Fast forward a year and I have not only purchased the Venture 4 into 2 exhaust but also all of the factory hangers and brackets and most recently, factory hard saddlebags. I had issues with the bike pissing gas out of the right bank of carbs overflow tube, so I to
  15. 05 venture with 56k has backfire when letting off the gas, any help?
  16. 71? Kaw 125. sweet! with only 350 miles! only problem i see so far is the owner left gas in it for about 15 years! i poured it out and more rust than gas came out! any fixes to this?? what about POR?
  17. Just this past month Marathon Gas Stations in Palm Bch County started selling 90 octane, ethanol free gas. It is aim.ed at the boating crowd but everybody is taking advantage of it. The store clerk said they are having trouble keeping the tank full, and guess what? It is cheaper then 87octane with ethanol by about 7 cents, go figure. so any of you folks in the south fla area, check your local Marathon station on the coast, you might be pleasently surprised. And one last thing, my bike runs better, but can't tell you how mauch better the mileage is, right now it seems to be about 4 mpg bet
  18. Anyone here ever hear of a gas tank building so much pressure in it that it actually spread apart causing the front of the tank to spread out and pop off the front mounts?I parked my Venture and my son's Venture outside the shop yesterday temp outside was 90 degrees and my son's tank had swelled up and spread apart.There is about a two inch gap between the tank mount and where it bolts to the frame.The guy he bought it from told him if he is riding and it starts to run like crap to just push down on the gas cap and it will quit running bad and that worked he said he kept getting a strong gas s
  19. This isn't a Trans Am Forum but there seems to be vast knowledge on this site. Since I bought my 91 Trans Am with a 305 Tune Port - it is hard to start after it sits for two days. If I pump the gas some it will eventually start - once it starts it seems good. Then - about two weeks ago it started to act like the fuel filter was plugged. So I replaced the filter and the MAT sensor. Seems to run better but still runs like it has bad gas. At a stop sign - I drop it into first (it is an auto) and drive it hard through the gears and it runs great. Any ideas?
  20. hey everyone. i'm new around here, but figure i'll just jump right in with my questions. this won't be the last, i'm sure. alright, i recently sold my '02 rsv and picked up a low mileage (16k) '05 rsv. the problem with the low miles is that it's been sitting up the last year and a half or so. well, i picked it up, rode it the 300 or so miles home. it runs great, better than my '02 did. however, after sitting overnight, my garage stinks of gas. i looked under the carbs. everything looks pretty wet. i see no evidence of gas running out of the overflow tubes. any suggestions?, or
  21. Ok I'm going to tangent this problem which came up in my other thread http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showpost.php?p=645718&postcount=23 The gas smell went away after 24 hours. I did not restart the bike. I reopened the petcock and the smell resurfaced within 20 min. Nothing is weeping or leaking, yet there the smell of gas is strongest right at the petcock. Anybody encounter this before? I want to avoid pulling the tank if possble, but if the lines need replacing so be it.
  22. While we were marching on Rome, my stepson, Sean went for a 'bout 100 mile ride with a friend. They both ride the rattlecan brand, 'xcept hers is new and his is a customized job (barhopper). I'm told they were hitting 80-90 mph and turning of on the exit for home his bike died - totally, No loose battery connection or out of gas, just dead. Now his friends are saying the bike wasn't built for that kind of riding and that it was the ethanol at those speeds. :think::confused07::confused24: We probably all agree that ethanol is not good for most any engine other then a racecar maybe, but I
  23. OK, Where do you think the gas went?? I went out to the shed today to start getting the bike ready enough to ride to go and get the new tires mounted. After a winter of sitting in the dark and the cold in the shed all alone, it did not want to start. It turned over just fine. But no so much as a fart. Hmmmmmm Then looking at the dash I notice that there are no bars showing on the gas gauge. Now when I parked it for the winter I filled the tank to the top with fresh gas with some stabil and some seafoam in it. I even got the gas from way up nort so that it would not have alky in
  24. Well about 1000 miles into Venture ownership and I have really fallen in love with this bike and this type of bike (Always ridden BMW and Moto Guzzi's). Last couple of times I have gotten back from a ride I notice the smell of gas in my garage. Happens with tank low or just filled up. Can anyone give me any ideas of what to check? Thanks.
  25. Need to remove old gas from a 1984 Venture is there an easy way to do this or do I need to get a Sifen pump of some sort, was told that just putting hi test new gas in was not a good idea.
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