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  1. Been awhile since I've been on the forum. Been around since late 2004 when this all started. Have a 2005 RSV Speedometer, odometer, trip meters and and gas gauge all work. Cept at night its all in the dark. heard tell a new unit is $1K....can this be right and is there other solution. I've not pulled the fairing yet. Thought I'd get some feedback from one and all first. Also is there a fuse just for the LCD illumination back segments? thanks Jim
  2. Bike feels like it's running out of gas at mid to high RPM. I took the fuel pump off and tested it to see if it was pumping fuel. I put the intake hose in a container of fuel and the outlet side above the same container and turned the key on. The pump will run and pump gas but will only run for approx. 5 seconds and then stop. If I turn the key off and turn it back on...the pump will again run and pump gas for 5 seconds and stop again. I this normal?? Mark
  3. Went to start the bike today & don't know why but I turned the key on/off multiple times. Each time I noticed the fuel pump kicking in. I did it a dozen times in a row & the pump ran each time. Then I smelled gas & found that the right front carb had gas leaking around it (overflow?). After awhile I hit the start button for a couple seconds & it didn't start luckily. But I got pretty concerned when I saw gas coming out of the right exhaust pipe back by the rear wheel. WTF?! Is that normal even if the float is stuck? What to do now?
  4. I've been "storing" the daughter's boyfriend's 2002 (or maybe it's 2003) VTX1300 for the past 3 years. Before that, it sat for a couple years in underground storage. I had it running 3 years ago but since then, not. Uncovered it yesterday and found that the gas tank was quite rusty inside, carb is all gummed up as well as the petcock. It's got rust on the spoke wheels and the buddy seat mounting bolts aren't original (somebody has been messing with this bike). There's a few scratches in the paint on the rear fender. It ran fine when I had it running. I'd changed the oil and spark
  5. I started this thread over on facebook and got a lot of great apps for my phone as well as getting thanked for a few apps that I posted up as well. Just cool things that help us with our riding or everyday tasks . So here goes. 1. MY CAR TRACKS for android... it allows you to record your driving progress and when you are done you cant print your route on google maps. This sis great when I go ride with a few friends and I dont know where I am. i get back home and can view my route. 2.FLASHLIGHT.... Creates a bright light on your phone. great for guys sbeaking out of the house early in the
  6. I have a generator which runs on LP or NG. Can it be used on raw wellhead gas like we have run into the house for cooking and heat. We are filtering the water at the pipeline tap but still the gas has some water vapor. Is anybody doing or done this? Is it possible or should I stick with LP for the generator? The well is located on my property so we are the first customer and free gas.
  7. Yesterday was a real nice day. When I got home from work I was asked why I was so late, My answer was that the bike needed gas, even though I bought gas the day before. So then there were some letters that had to be postmarked that day so I jumped on the bike for the 1 mile trip to the post office. 3 hours later I got home.......... The house was dark, the boss had gone to bed already. For some reason I needed gas again on the way in to work today......... I don't know how that happens....... I was still getting dirty looks this morning as I was getting ready for work. But I feel so m
  8. My 2007 RSV is leaking gas (a huge understatement) from the front of the bike after sitting up for a while. I had surgery on my knee last year around June 1st and could not ride till March of this year. I had another surgery this June 1st and it went much better than the previous one. Anyway, I started the bike last month as I try to start it once every month or 2 when it sits up, with no problem. I went out today to start it up, it started, but gas came pouring out. I can't be sure where exactly, but it shouldn't be a freeze plug as the winter here was very mild this year and I had ridden
  9. I don't know what else to do. My 98 Royal Star keeps pissing gas out of the overflow tubes. I cleaned it, put new jets, new needle valves/seats, and it still pissed gas. I finally got so frustrated that I took it to a local mechanic and he said the floats were way off, charged me $280 and I thought that I was good to go. NOPE!!! I live three and a half miles from his shop. I don't own a trailer and my buddy that does was not available so I rigged a 1L jerry can up thinking that would catch enough gas for 3 1/2 miles. NOPE!! I had to dump the can three times, so that is 1L of fre
  10. The day was just too nice and the VR was rockin. I got home 120 miles later! Looking outside, today looks pretty good too. hmmmmm...I need more gas http://www.raymondstacy.com/vr.jpg
  11. Yesterday after mowing my yard, I thought I'd take a short ride and cool off. I hadn't had a chance to ride my '83 VR in a few days so I dicided to take it instead of my 1100. After about 20 miles, I was getting ready to head home. I was going to stop and fill up with gas before I went home. I showed 84 miles on that tank of gas and my fuel gauge showed 2 bars. About a mile from the store I was going to stop at to full up, I notice the bike slowing down. I gave it some throtle and nothing happened. I pulled off the side of the road. I tried to start it again but no luck. I checked to
  12. I have just pick up a 1983 venture xvz12. I found out that it has a few problems. 1st is the elect fuse box is done , some of round fuse clamps are gone and someone has tried to repair it and wires are taped and spliced together. 2nd is there is the red warning light flashing . 3rd the computer monitor has the battery, brake fluid and head light indicator on. 4th I am getting about 60 miles to a tank of gas and i smell gas when I stop and today it made ao popping are a back fire sound down around the carbs going down the road. 5th The consoles are split are cracked. 6th the paint is faded and
  13. Well folks I've been a busy boy these last few weeks building some projects just for the Hannigan trikers here. Those being : 1. A lift adapter so the trike can be used with a conventional ATV motorcycle jack. It's designed & used the same as my Standard & Freestanding lift adapter I sell for the 2 wheelers. The only difference is it's longer and has a 4 point lift support location on the adapter to pick these trikes up. My Sears red jack worked just fine for picking up Ragtop69gs / Jay & Jeanies trike. 2. An auxiliary gas tank system. It will be a complete bolt on system compl
  14. We just returned from a vacation trip to Oregon for a week and a half. Jumped on the bike this morning, pulled the choke, and started it up. Trouble is that every time I pushed the choke button in the bike died. I filled the tank up just before we left so the gas is fresh. I figure that either the gas was bad from the gas station or my fuel pump is bad. Bad luck for me!
  15. So here's the story relating to my 88. When I first got it I needed 1/2 choke just to keep it running. MARCARL and I cleaned out every oriface possible with the carbs still on the bike with carb cleaner and compressed air. We set it up best he could and since then I have seafoamed it with a very strong mixture overnight a few times, and add several ounces every 3-4 tanks. Once in a while I put in a heavier dose . It's had at least 8-10 cans thru it. I had a case of a sticky float (I think)on the #3 carb earlier this year as gas was pouring out the overflow tube. But it "fixed" itself wh
  16. My 1983 venture will stall hear and there, when idles too long cough and weez when giving gas but will rev up. When gas is low wont start very easy. The idle is up and down. Could it be my fuel pump? Watch the fuel filter and gas was popping ever 5 or so seconds.
  17. I went for a short (50 mile) ride yesterday and noticed that during the course of the 'trip' the bike seemed to feel more and more "reluctant" to run. A sense of 'hesitation' got more and more pronounced as I rode along. My first reaction was to POWER through it, thinking that maybe I had a temporary condition of some sort brought on by dirt in gas, fouled plug.........bad AIR!!! I was really grasping for 'causes'. But, the more I gassed it, the worse it seemed to get. When I 'backed off' to what the 'normal/neutral throttle grip position' SHOULD have been for the speed I was going......the
  18. Don't know what gas mileage you'll get, But real cool
  19. This has probably been discussed before BUT I cannot seem to find anything about how to remove labels off new gas tank(enviromental label yellow)
  20. Seen this in a parking lot the other day. That is a Honda Rebel with a bicycle rack installed and a bike on it. I didn't get to talk to the rider but it sure looks to me like he/she really means to save the gas. http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm220/AKRefugee/Yamaha%20Forum/de4e6015.jpg
  21. Ok here the deal. Several times the bike has cut out like it is starving or out out of gas. One time I choked it and it started but when I tried to give it gas it bogged downand died. I leave it set for a while and it starts and runs fine. Today i brought it home and pulled the tank and the air boxes. First thing I noticed was oily stuff under the rail that holds the wires down. This is left side ONLY. Right looks nice and dry and clean. Oily and messy. I pulled the plug and it is clean and dry no signs of oil blowing by it. What do I need to look fo ras the cause I am going o
  22. Well bike won't run. Filled up with gas on thursday and washed it. Saturday went to crank it up and it only ran for about 30 seconds and quit. Fuel pump did not click on. Today I drained the tank and carbs. Still no clicking from fuel pump. Tested with ohmn meter and got no resistance between the blue/black and black wires going to fuel pump. Is there a fuse and where is it? Battery is good Cutoff switch is on and have new gas with seafoam. HELP! tew47
  23. I rode my VR to work today for the first time. Everything went well until I was coming back from lunch. About a 1/2 mile from work, my clutch started slipping. By the time I pulled into the parking lot, I had to just idle into the parking space because if I tried to give it any gas, it would just slip. I had a similar problem before but only when I got on the gas really hard. After bleeding the clutch, the problem seemed to stop. Now I'm faced with the problem of getting the bike home this afternoon. Any idea what would have caused this to happen?
  24. Friday night I synced the carburetors on the old girl and then Saturday I put a little over 100 miles on her. I seems to be running pretty good. I really enjoy riding it. I do hope the gas mileage gets better though. I’m only getting 27 mpg. I put new plugs in it when I first started working on it but I have run a lot of Seafoam through it. I may need to put new plugs in it again. I want to thank everyone on this site for their help. I know that I still have some work to do and will need more help, but I feel like, because of all the help I’ve gotten, the bike has come a long way. Does anyone
  25. Just checked the gas mileage on the just rebuilt Venture, she got 47 mpg and this was before the diaphragm change and 2 of the 4 were bad. Cant wait to check this tankful. Hoping to get over 50. And the carbs haven't even been synced yet. And my wife thinks I ought to sell it because its so old, hell compared to me its very young, its only 29 years old. Thanks Yamaha for building such a quality bike. :thumbsup:
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