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  1. I have an 86 that I just bought and it will not start. It has to be a fuel issue, it will start with starting fluid or a little gas poured in the carbs. The fuel pump is working and gas is getting to the carbs (line from pump removed key turned on). It has started once and ran for about a minute, really smooth, and quit. Is there something that would cause the fuel pump to stop or just dirty carbs? BTW did swap in a known good pump and same story.
  2. ... I picked one up recently too, Carl. But it is OLDER than my worn out HHR...sheesh...first time I replaced a worn out car with an older one. Found it in Florida, an '06 Lexus 400H, mica blue, with 30,000 miles. Its darn fast, has all the bells and whistles, and my gas mileage is practically the same as the 4 banger in the HHR...love the way the engine shuts down at intersections. Best of all, my buddy likes it too.
  3. FWI, over the past several months I've tried Seafoam in every tank (1 oz per gallon) then STP (3/4 oz per gallon) in pure gas by the recommended amounts per product. For me, I've noticed the engine ran smoother and consistently got better fuel mileage with the Seafoam. Prior to Seafoam, I avg'd 40 mpg and with seafoam got a high of 45 mpg. The best I got with STP was 42 mpg. The primary reason I use an additive is the unbranded gas our bulk plant sells has no additives in it like Techron and a tank of gas may last two weeks. I had read a post a while back where the author suggested
  4. Anyone have one or have owned one in the past? Besides gas mileage, likes/dislikes?
  5. http://www.wwlp.com/dpp/news/local/hampden/downtown-intersection-blocked-off-due-to-apparent-gas-leak Never liked gas at all, they had that one in Indy in the last week or so. Today they had blast that was heard and felt 25 miles away, in our downtown area. Mostly older brick buildings, 2 wiped out, dozen or more that they think will have to come down. Nobody killed but 2 dozen hurt. Never will like gas, I guess.
  6. Hmmm......stay away from certain types of food!
  7. Gas is $3.299 in Wichita. Down 50 cents in the last month. :cool10:
  8. Finally hit 3k mileage on that 11 FJR I now own. On a ride this past Saturday, had a couple 2d genners try to hang with me both through the twisties (embarrassing for them) and to gain up distance they lost through the twisties in the straight aways) all while heading up and back down FM4 in North Texas. I think one of em ran outta gas cause I have no idea where they went. Ha Ha. What a fun, fast scooter to ride. I really must be careful. Want to ride it down to the Leakey ride but will have to wait to see if I can take vacation off from the nut house.
  9. Last Friday I finally completed the 87MKII 1st gen and got it back on the road. It's been on the center stand for about a year while I worked all of the known bugs out of it. At first I had a performance issue with old gas at the bottom of the tank but after running the tank dry and filling with fresh gas, then adjusting the idle it seems to be running great. I haven't had a chance to put a lot of miles on it yet to evaluate if the 4200 rpm stutter has completely disappeared. But, so far there has been no sign of it. I'm also expecting the 26MPG issue to have greatly improved. I'll report a
  10. Americas Challenge has begun... Track the gas balloons here: http://www.balloonfiesta.com/GasTracking/2012/app_map.html You can click on the balloon icons for info on that particular balloon, and use the minus button on the left to zoom out to state level. Some of these balloons travel thousands of miles.....so pilot skill, luck, and winds aloft determine the winner. There are only 5 balloons in the race this year, due to the worldwide shortage of helium, they are flying on hydrogen. Still, it should be fun to see them, if they fly over your area around sunrise or sunset, they
  11. So I know it is somewhat of a common problem on our 1st Gens. They are just so dang fast the gas fumes in the tank cannot keep up with the bikes. My bike has developed the “gas smell in the garage” syndrome. It seems to be getting worse. I have checked the diaphragms, checked for overflow from the carbs. Adjusted the idle screws. Trying to decide the next step. So, what are the solutions that you guys have found ? What is the next couple of steps I should try ?
  12. I've done numerous searches but much to my surprise I can't seem to find much on the actual fuel range of the RSTD. I realize it will vary depending on a number of issues but I'm trying to get an idea. I always seem to be stopping for gas while on a trip but maybe it's the nature of the beast. Anyway, on a full tank of gas, how far can you go. thanks Greg
  13. I have a gas leak coming out of the drain tube front left next to radiator. Leak only occurs when bike is running. It is an 05 RSV. I have taken the quad carbs completely off, cleaned all the floats and needles....Put it all back together and was going for a ride but again the leak......Any thoughts????
  14. I just can't figure this one out. My bike is going thru gas like crazy. There are no puddles or even spots on the ground. There is no gas in the oil. There are no wet spots on anything. I live 20.2 miles from where I work. I had to stop for gas twice on the way home yesterday. Temps were in the 60s with the sun shining. I get off work at 4:30pm. It was almost 11:00pm when I finally made it home. The leaves are sure getting pretty this time of year. I just can't figure out where all the gas went.......
  15. Because proposed E-15 expanded use may adversely affect small engine performance, like lawn & garden equipment, motorcycles, scooters, ATV's, etc., and will void warranties, the brilliant folks at the EPA have come up with a solution - - limit the purchase of E-15 at the pump to a minimum of 4 gallons! Like all motorcycles have gas tanks smaller than 4 gallons, or like all landscape contractors only fill their equipment in the morning and don't carry multiple 5 gallon gas cans that get refilled each day! And like all grades of gas have their own separate hoses at the pump so that res
  16. I took the air cleaner off today looking for a gas smell. The seal on #1 carb is not leaking (another thread covers epoxy sealing a small carb leak) and I found no gas anywhere. Started the Beast and watched for anything. #1 and #2 carbs want to puff a little white smoke (vapor?) when the throttle is twisted moderately hard from idle. All four slides are slightly open (1/4") when the engine is not running (is this normal?). There is wet oil on the tops of #1 and #2 carbs. I can see where it is coming out of the air breather and working its way through the air cleaner boots. I put
  17. During the day on Tuesday the price of gas was $1.30/liter ($4.921 / U.S. gallon). Overnight it bumped up to 1.378/liter ($5.216 / U.S. gallon). That is $0.295 increase over night. Today it is $1.292/liter ($4.89 / U.S. gallon). Funny.... all the stations and oil companies raise and lower gas prices at the same time. Collusion or coincidence? Must be coincidence.
  18. with crapy ethanol gas after warm up it wants to die at idle 950 rpm with real gas it wants to idle around 1500 to 2000 rpm when at normal operating temps any ideas oh real possible answers only Yammer Dan an Flyinfool :no-no-no: :rotf:
  19. OK i let the bike set up for well since Isaac came through i put some unknowingly bad gas in the tank from a gas can i filled up before the pending visit of Isaac i must have gotten the bottom of the tank i ran some berry mans treatment cleaner in my tank the whole can in the 4 gal. of gas it was running bad lose of power before i got back to the shop that's when i added berry mans and ran it for about 30 min. then shut it down that was Friday i just cranked it and it was still running bad so i drained the tank at the fuel filter the gas was dark yellow like old gas hooked the line back to the
  20. For some idiotic reason I thought I had fouled a plug in my 2007 Venture. As everybody knows, I'm not a mechanic but thanks to the tech section I was able to convince myself that I could change them myself. The reason for the change was the "miss" that I heard in the motor and miss-diagnosed as a fouled plug. So, in less than an hour I had them changed and the bike back together. No special tools, just a Craftsman 18 mm deep socket, a 3/8" swivel, extension, ratchet and a couple allen wrenches. Each plug I pulled I was disappointed that it looked like a new plug - crappola All 4 plugs w
  21. This has probably been covered before, but I'd be darned I was able to find it during a search. Here's my problem. This just started on my 83'. I was driving down the road. Nothing special, just normal driving, when all of a sudden everything drops. Tack, engine, everything. Just like I'd hit the "kill switch". I stopped the bike and turned the key on and off, and the bike fired right up. I thought strange! But drove on down the road. Stopped to get some gas. When I turned the key to start the bike again, everything powered on...but when I hit the starter button...NOTHING!! No
  22. I finally got home from over the pond and decided with all the warm dry weather to get the 1st gen out. Guess what? it wouldn't run without the choke on. If I tried to rev it up it just died. Bit of history, 86 Venture Royale. 36,000 miles, stock with the exceptions of upgraded fuse block, I put the aftermarket CDI box on it (bought through Dingy). Progressive springs, fork brace. After all the mods last year, I rode it for 18 miles and it ran great. I drained the carbs, put stabil in the gas and it sat until today. I drained the old gas out of the tank and put new in replaced the
  23. Rode my 1st gen to work today, i'ts first long ride and noticed a load whine every time i got off the gas. Fast or slow clutch in or out. Sounds like i'ts coming from the left side. The bike runs and shifts very good except for this whine. Goes away while on the gas. Anybody had this issuse?
  24. Something is wrong with my fuel gauge readings on my '06 Midnight Venture. I had the bike serviced by my local Yamaha Dealer. New plugs etc so the tank had to come off. (First Time Ever) I drove the bike for a few days after getting it back. The fuel gauge was on 1 bar left and the Low Fuel Warning Indicator came on. Always used to come on with 2 bars on the fuel gauge. Anyway, I pulled over and switched the petcock to reserve. I got about 2 miles and the bike ran out of gas. Never did that before. Got some gas from a generous nearby homeowner then filled the tank at the nearest gas sta
  25. Just a heads up. I went down to look at the new gas cans that are contoured to fit into the saddlebag of a Harley. Really nice plastic cans sloped on one side to fit the shape of a saddlebag. But the lid of my Venture would not close with this can inside. So make sure you test before you buy. Mike
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