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  1. I traded some BUBS for a set of Tour Deluxe factory mufflers. The TD dpipes arrive today and the opening to the pipes is 1/4 inch bigger than the BUBS, in fact the the BUB muffler opening will slide into the TD muffler opening , aren't they supposed to be exactly the same? I tightened down most of the set screws but I am uncomfortable going much tighter. The exhaust is leaking at the end of the header. What I am i doing wrong?
  2. Last week when I was getting onto a busy highway from a side road, at about 7000-8000 rpms or so, I started hearing a horrible howling. When I shifted, it went away, but it came back and then gone again as I went through the gears. It sounds as though its coming from the exhaust. It seems to be come and go depending on the rpms and/or how much of a load I'm putting on the engine. As in, if I'm going down the highway at about 70mph, it is hardly there. But if I start up a hill and I maintain that speed, the howling gets louder. Today I took off both mufflers and went down the road to see if it still made the howl. Sure enough, it does. When it hits the right frequency, I can even hear it over the extremely loud noise coming out of the collector without the mufflers. I took some loose baffles out of the collector a couple years ago that were rattling. After that the exhaust sounded a bit "hollow" but not to loud or annoying. This howl sounds similar but 100 times louder. I left one baffle in there that looked like it was still welded in place quite securely. I can't imagine it could make that kind of noise if that baffle came loose. It sounds as though when the exhaust hits the right frequency, it begins to resonate inside the collector and get louder. After everything cools off enough, I'm gonna try to stick my head and a flashlight under the bike and try to look down the collector and see what it looks like. Anybody else ever have this problem? I've never heard an engine make this kind of sound, so I'm assuming its the exhaust. I have another collector her that I was gonna try, so I could go through the process of elimination, but the mounts have been broken off. Anybody have an extra laying around they might want to sell? Thanks, Bill
  3. OK...so I've been onboard here for a couple of months....I've had my 83 vr for about 3 days more than that. It has about 85,000 KM on it My bike is OK...but a long way from fast. I just figured it was the way it is because it is SUPPOSED to be a couch on wheels. My last bike was a 83 Yamaha 900 Seca( inline 4, shaft drive) that was MUCH quicker and the Seca had a heavy sport touring faring on it...and bags too. From what I read here ...they should be pretty quick...(even though mine is not blue!) OR IS THIS JUST B.S. "BRAVADO"....or some sort of "p*ssing match" It idles smoothly, has no miss or sputters all the way thru the rpm range, don't see any smoke from the exhaust. I kick it down to 3rd to pass at 90 km (55mph or so) and it doesn't really pull...more like just steady acceleration.. I've only had it up to about 130 km...but there is more. I'd like to start giving it a complete going over....but I am on a VERY tight budget so I can't rebuild it or anything!!! I'd appreciate any suggestions on where to start
  4. I have a very small "weep hole"(maybe 1/16in.) on each side of my exhaust pipes probably located just below the passenger foot rest---are these factory or do you suppose someone added them ------Thanx........................Larry
  5. exhaust collector for an 83 that they would like to sell,it seems that mine is wore out. Arthur
  6. ok who told Dianne about if she needs help with a new to her bike? she saw a nice 650 woman owned bike here in the classified. and said hey that wold be a nice one. looks like september for her though. still if she gets settlement then she can get some ride time in. i can just see it now. vroommm around the block just to rub it in that i cant ride for now. we also talked about letting my 84 go next spring. get somethin newer and hate to say it dependable. this one just was not taken care of. thank god she found a complete exhaust system one bad right muffler rust trough but thats ok jbweld and it wont show. and mines good so? because she said james relax i want to show you something that shop showed me. i went oh no not any more bad news. she said not realy as we got the parts comming in be here tomorrow. but the old exhaust was welded in places that it should not have been. headers welded to collector front ones ? a shame to as they where not rusted and shiney i think the welded tab can be removed from them. they welded a piece of small steel from header to collector. i will post pics when and if i can. so i guess what im trying to say is they f***ed it up. mufflers are good but rest of it was shot to hell. that explains the backfire while at idle? and the one day it scared a poor woman in the crosswalk. but enough i need to take meds go for a walk then back to my easy chair.
  7. I have a set of Bub Slip-ons (on for one year), they slipped on but do not slip off, in fact they do not even pound off. I have split a few 2x4's trying to the get them off. Looked like it was slipping off but in fact the whole exhaust was slipping off. Pentrating oil did not help. I was able to get the tire on but I would really like to get that exhaust apart. I have access to a torch but not here. Is that going to be my only option? or does someone have any other tricks. ? Brad
  8. Ok, maybe not exactly "stink" but the wife is complaining and don't want to do no riding. I wanted to know if anyone else has had problems with what I can only discribe at en exhaust leak?? I can't seem to see any smoke exactly, but you can "smell" exhaust fumes coming from the area of the Y-pipe. Any advice would be great, becuase like I said, the wife doesn't like to ride now because she says the smell bothers her.
  9. Where Is a good Place to get 2 gaskets for my newly aquired Jardines to put on my 93 VR?
  10. I just bought a 96 Tour Classic a couple of months ago and noticed the "guts" coming out of one of the 4 into 4 exhaust pipes. I think these are stock pipes. I'm guessing this is the baffle. Long thin cylinder with threads on one end. Tried tapping back in a couple of times but always works its way back out so last time I just pulled it all the way out. Will this have a negative effect on engine performance. Seems to be running fine, but don't want any damage. Has a little more pronounced backfire, popping sound when letting off the throttle, but that sounds pretty cool. Thanks for your help. Bob
  11. I have a couple of questions. First I've never removed my exhaust pipes. I want to take them off to clean things behind them. Will I need to replace the gaskets if I do? Second, I have been considering putting hardbags on my bike. I saw a 99 RSTD with Road King bags that looked great. My problem is that I don't have 4 into 2 pipes and the bags won't fit with 4 pipes. Do any of the newer RSTD 4 into 2 pipes fit my 96?
  12. Will Jaredine exhaust off of an 85 Venture fit on my 93 VR and how much more sound will I gain? THanks
  13. Hi i got a 05 rstd from the states but live in England and looking at the forum i see some people have drilled out the Exhaust pipes. Is this a hard job? and how is it done.
  14. Hi, First post. Background. ---My 84 venture is running rich. I replaced the carb diaphragms because they were shot, ultrasonically cleaned the carbs last fall. When you twist the throttle it goes like stink. Last fall it was sluggish at cruise (2000 RPM). I ran seafoam through it and put new plugs. It ran much better but the plugs are very sooty(ALL 4 PLUGS EQUALLY SOOTY) and the sluggish tendancy returned this spring. I plan to do seafoam and plugs again. Question- I have the idle mixture screws out 2.5 turns as per the manual. Do I screw them in or out to lean the carburation out? PS- 1984 Venture first gen with 30,000 miles on it. I rebuilt the exhaust collector box so the exhaust is tight. Thanks for any input. James
  15. While browsing Harbor Freight this past w/e, (something I often do - but shouldn't), I bought one of their NonContact Thermometers - http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=96451 I thought among other uses, I could use it on my Venture to make sure all cylinders are firing the same. I have read other posts on here about just this thing. The problem is that THIS one apparently doesn't like chrome. I get temps that are all over the range. One was 424°F, others were around 180°F. So, I tried to point it at the black on the cylinder head as close to the exhaust port as I could get. Which isn't going to give me what I am after. BTW, the bike runs fine, I was just curious. Oh well, it's a nice toy that works otherwise. If you happen to have one, are you having the same problem? Also, after immediately getting the batteries in it, am I the only guy that the first thing I did was point it at my wife's backside? - Like I said, it's a nice toy. craigr
  16. My friend has a 1100 vstar and is looking into blocking off the AIS. It has Cobra exhaust on it but nothing else has been done to it. He says it cracks and pops which I would guess may be common when changing to aftermarket exhaust with less back pressure. Is anyone familiar on the procedure to block the AIS off ? Thanks
  17. Currently restoring a 2000 Venture that was laid down by the prior owner. This is the pretty side. Going for more of a bagger look / less weight. Bub exhaust. Shaved windscreen. Kurkyinian grips. Really enjoy the bike. Chris
  18. Anyone running aftermarket coils on their second gen RSTD? did you notice enough of a difference to justify the cost? also would like to know if you are running hotter coils and aftermarket exhaust did you change anything in the carbs? thanks for any input
  19. I got to tell you I'm not much for preventive maintenance. Sure I change the oil and plugs fairly regularly. Usually change the tires before the threads are showing but I never have changed the brake fluid or the fluid in the clutch. Just added as needed. I will also add I've been riding for probably longer then most of you folks be alive. Now, recently, last Thursday to be exact my clutch failed, no fluid. The slave cylinder was leaking big time. I ordered the repair kit and all the gaskets. Both cases on the left side have to be pulled to get at that berger. Long and the short of it is the cylinder housing was so pitted I don't think I could have honed them all out. Maybe but I decided I didn't want to have to redo the job a second time. To get to the part you have to take the exhaust pipes off the left side as well as the foot rest, the shift linkage and the hanger for the exhaust pipe. Morale of the story is a 20 minute clutch fluid change would have saved me 3 or 4 hours of labor and $150.00 in parts....... Hummm, maybe I'll change the fluid in the brakes while I'm waiting for the parts. BOO
  20. I've sync'd the carbs, plugged both the AIS's, and now changed the exhaust with slip-ons. Still have afterburn pops on decel. The slip-ons went well past the split ends on the exhaust before clamping. Any chance the splits in the sip-ons have to be completely covered with clamps? What else do I need to do to stop (slow down) the pops on decel? Thanks for any help!
  21. I could use a little good advice about a situation I have. I was checking my valve clearances on my 89 Venturer. Things were going pretty well. I bought the special tool and after struggling with it I was able to make a map of all the pads and their numbers. Out of 16 I had 10 that needed attention as some were minimum. I had no shims so I ordered some from Sudco at $6.55 each. I got antsy and decided to move a couple around to fix the clearances. It worked fine when it was on a pair of exhaust or intake. I repaired one and then looked for more. I had no spare shim but I thought I could take one exhaust shim out and then put it in where the intake shim needed replacing. When I rotated the crank I heard a metallic crunch. Not good. The exhaust cam chipped a piece from the lifter where the shim was removed. I was able to put the shim back in but the lifter doesn't rotate like it is supposed too. It will move up and down. I ordered a new lifter. I was trying to confirm my course of action to remedy the situation. If I take the cam out I should be able to replace the lifter. If it works then and spins like it should all should be well. If it doesn't I would use a compressor and check the springs and anything that didn't look right. If that didn't work I would pull the head and check the valve and cylinder. Am I on the right track with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Sam
  22. I dont know if the Exhaust collector is my problem or not, what i am haveing trouble with is that the left side exhaust seems to be more resticted than the right, you can hold your hand in front of the exhaust on the mufflers and you can tell that the exhaust is not the same, you can even hear the defference. On the left front exhaust pipe you can see where it has bottem out and flaten the exhaust slitly, not that bad i dont think but not sure. would the exhaust collector baffel being louse and lodged in there cause this, has any one had this problem ?
  23. ok so i barely bought my 98 royal star from a guy who's the first owner, he said he bought it from the dealer with aftermarket pipes on it.... the problem is that the bike doesnt seem to have been re-jetted since it seems to be running a little lean.. it takes a while to warm up and if i try riding it when it barely starts, it kinda hesitates to run....how do I know what kind of exhaust it is?? what could be the problem??
  24. do anyone know the easy way to get exhaust tips off of 89 vr
  25. Looking to possibly change out the stock mufflers on my RSTD for some aftermarket slip ons. I have seen some fishtail slip on mufflers on some Ventures on this site and I believe that they are made by Samson exhausts. Just wanted to inquire if anyone can give me some feedback that have them on their bikes regarding how they like them. I am not looking for a loud exhaust so any information on how they sound compared to the stock mufflers would be appreciated. I am interested in the fishtails mainly because I feel they complement the lines of the bike. If there are any other slip on exhausts that are out there that are worth considering then please feel free to chime in.
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