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  1. I'm looking for help/info with regard to external hard drive back ups. I want to get something & a program that I can download a back up from a different location. Confusing ? yep - Here's what I want to do; I will have a computer in a building apart from my home and across town. There will be people cataloging information/pictures on that computer. At the end of the day I want to back up that information on an external hard drive which will be located at my home. The reason for this particular action is many but foremost is in case of fire/theft or any other unforeseen act.
  2. http://www.vpike.com/ showed my drive way real clear lowell
  3. I met Buddy and my new RSV today, and it was love at first sight(the RSV, not Buddy...lol). Buddy is a great guy. I'll be bringing home my new scoot Saturday. Sure was a long drive here though. http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i274/13thAFMonterey/Oklahoma009.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i274/13thAFMonterey/Oklahoma006.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i274/13thAFMonterey/Oklahoma003.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i274/13thAFMonterey/0217101617.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i274/13thAFMonterey/0217101618.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i274/13thAFM
  4. I went last summer without having a ride parked in my garage (1st time in about 20 yrs) I worked hard a focused on getting another RSV. Had a few set back, wife laid off, my part time jobs hours cut, daughter needed a new car, getting her ready for college and so on... we all know how that goes, save a dollar and spent two. Anyhow things are looking up. I'll still go another summer with out a bike, but should be able to save a nice bit of change. Now lately I've been having thoughts about going back to an HD Ultra and I"m not really sure why. I know the RSV is more comfy and more roomy then th
  5. My friend wrote me this morning and said he just bought a new Buick and that he must be getting old. I have a Buick Park Avenue! I told him the following,,,,,Life "begins" with a Buick! Your now authorized to drive in the left lane at 50mph with your right turn signal on, attempt to parallel park by nosing in. Once in, you may now do a 5 minute "bumper bump" to assure equal distance front and rear. You may also drive two lane state Hwy's at 45mph oblivious to the 26 cars in your rearview mirror. You may now shop at Pamida ,, park any way you like, even sideways! You may leave your lights on, (
  6. I don't think I've ever seen this question asked. I'm curious because it was time to replace Eileen's car and we looked at a lot of vehicles trying to decide what to buy this time. I pretty much left it up to her but it got me wondering what the rest of you here drive. So....what are you driving and are you happy with it?
  7. I finally got the oil plug out of the final drive. I dipped a doll rod down in it and came out with dark brown oil on the bottom and clear oil on top. Is the brown oil from water or just old?I have no clue when the rear end has been serviced. (just got the bike) Thanks Doug
  8. spotsy

    ATV 4x4

    I'm sure some of you have a ATV and more knowledge than I do. I have always wanted to small tractor with a bucket however I just can't justify it. So after this last snow storm we saw a ATV with a plow on it on a trailer. Just wondering how they do pushing snow? With all the models does anyone have any neat web sites that explain which models are 4x4 and which modles are sport ATV's? When I do searches some are just 2 wheel drive or they are a sport ATV when I'm looking for an utility ATV and 4 wheel drive. Any info is appreciated? Also, anyone have a Wildfire brand? Thanks.
  9. for my 87 venture and i found this: http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh131/seuadr/P1030757.jpg I gather its a dipstick, but.. for what? is it for the final drive?
  10. Hi all, well I installed the 88 final drive in my 03 Venture and it is great! The 88 does not have the boss for the speedo sensor but it did work. The o-ring sits really close to the curved edge of the housing and I had to use 3 small stainless washers to make up the distance from the housing to the sensor where the screw goes. So far no problems. I did have to use a piece of rebar to hold up the yoke in the drive tube and then put a length of alum bar stock under it to hold it up to get the drive shaft in place. This final drive is much tighter than the stock one I took out (a lot of wear on
  11. When I sold my Harley and Got my RSTD (which I love-a much better machine than the Harley) I got to say, that the sixth gear on the Harley was a true overdrive. With my RSTD I find myself in fifth doing around 45 or so. I wish I had a tack so I can see the RPM's. So why not a real over drive. Does any of the Japanesse bike have it? Markr:240:
  12. Do I have to remove the pumpkin and rear tire on a 1988 Venture to get the drive shaft out? I tried to find information in the maint book but no luck. It looks like you might be able to do it but do you have to slide the pumpkin back some way? I am still very new to this bike but am sure haveing a lot of fun with it. Hope I get to ride it soon! Ed
  13. Another big blew-it by the forecasters. I went to bed last night expecting to have all kinds of fun playing in the 8-14 inches of snow that was being predicted for the last week. All I heard on the news was about this monster storm coming, the Great White Death, gloom and doom, dogs and cats living together, ........... Live reporters scattered all over the area, a reporter at the salt piles, reporters by all of the plow trucks standing by, reporters at major intersections, ......... Well I woke up this mourning nice and early to have time to deal with the pinheads on the road for my
  14. I have decided to go to a V-max final drive on my 03 Venture. I have found some but either to much wear or way to expensive. I did come across an 88 final drive in good shape but I don't know if it will fit. Also I am looking to change out the gears and not the whole unit. I haven't done this before and I figure someone here will know. Ya'll have always come through for me. Thank you. Wayne
  15. I have an '83 std Venture. When it's mid-30ish degrees or below, the tach is very sluggish and won't read above 3K rpm's. This concerns me because I currently commute an hour each way to work in mid to low 20 degrees. I found one other thread about this, but didn't see any conclusive fix. Is the tach mechanical, drive via cable from the drive train, or electronic, driven from the computer board in the dash? Does anyone have a good fix? Thank you!! Doug
  16. I need some info from a real savvy computer person as my knowledge of the inner working of a PC are rather limited. Heres the situation: my original hard drive © was almost out of space. Its from a 2000 Dell PC with 1 G of ram (2 512 sticks), 4500 model I think with an 18.62 gb hard drive. A while ago my son-in-law installed a 233gb hard drive (E) in series with C drive, however I was never able to move stuff back and forth. I tried moving a large music library over from C to E but ended up losing the whole file. What I would like to do if its possible is to transfer my whole C drive contents
  17. I have decided to go to a V-max final drive on my '03 Venture. I have found some but either to much wear or way to expensive. I did come across an '88 final drive in good shape but I don't know if it will fit. Also I am looking to change out the gears and not the whole unit. I haven't done this before and I figure someone here will know. Ya'll have always come through for me. Thank you. Wayne
  18. Trying to calculate the engine rpm of a bike at a given speed. Constants I know are, primary drive ratio(2.184), 5th gear ratio(.857od), final drive ratio(17/39=2.294), tire diameter(25.5=790 revs per mile). So, would it be as simple as 2.184x.857= 1.8716x2.294=4.293x 790(tire rev at 60 mph)=3391rpms?
  19. hi all just to give everyone a little update on brad & lonna. they should be arriving at my house late afternoon today. brad said they drove all day yesterday in the rain. it's about another 6 to 8 hr drive. will update when i lay an eyeball on them. don c.
  20. jonesy

    PC Help

    I have sata hard drive + burner, can I also have a ide secondry hard drive. running win 7
  21. There is a cast-in boss running across the top of the rear end drive, just aft of the joint between the torque tube and the drive. There is a rubber plug in the end of that boss. I need an attachment point and it looks like there might be a threaded hole behind the plug. The plug is very tight and I might destroy it while removing it. Does anybody know if there is a threaded hole behind it? Thanx, Woody
  22. with some of you taken so many picture like Bobbi and lonna and a few more of you what do you save them to or put them on. i dont want to waste so much of my hard drive storeing them so what should i do put them on flash drives or buy an externial hard drive i mostly burn them to disc but disc can get broke so do any one of you have any good sugestions on how to store and save my pictures?
  23. Tried to post this in the parts area - but don't have proper permissions.. Have a brand new - in the box - fresh from the factory final drive unit for an 08 RSV. need to sell to someone who has need.... why? - well - a friend purchased a new 08 RSV - rode it a couple thousand miles and the rear end was making a heck-ova racket. Dealer said they'd replace it under warranty but it would take several weeks. My riding buddy - being somewhat impatient - went to the local bike wrecking yard, purchased a used member and swapped them himself. several weeks later the dealer called - he carr
  24. As many of you know, I'm a computer tech....been in the biz for 22 years and last night and this morning have been the worst experience I've ever had ... thought I'd share it coz no matter how bad something is... there's bound to be humour in it. Sunday my son brings his computer over to me to fix. It boots up with the "Blue Screen of Death" with the message UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. No biggie...been there, done that and I had it fixed in 20 minutes. Last night I planned to take it over to his house... me and Nina would go for a ride on the scoot. I set the computer on the trunk rack...lo
  25. Got home from Minnesota around 11:00 last night. Really glad to be home again and am ready for things to get back to normal. Weather was fantastic there and it would have been great to have had my bike with me. Oh well.... Home for the weekend but then have to get on the road again. Probably somewhere in Michigan next week so that's not too far a drive for me. Have some updates and etc. to do on the site and will probably be doing that on Monday evening after I get checked into a hotel somewhere. Nothing major, just some security upgrades.
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