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  1. Sherry you can click on your own name and it gives you the option to see all posts you have made or you can put in a search if you remember the name of the thread.
  2. Yes, That is a easy check. Will try to remember that one.
  3. Thats what my Avon looked like with 7656 miles on it.
  4. Well said Don as usual. Hipshot we couldn't do without Charlie.
  5. I ain't heard the Fat Lady sing yet. Don't know what it will be on but the "RED BARON" will see me again.
  6. Last one I never got a mark on my hands, no rash on my upper body even though impact broke shoulder and ribs, bloody nose inside that full-faced helmet someway, Truck tore thru jeans and cut up Knee pretty and crushed leg, feet came out OK (good boots). I wonder how much a good set of Chaps would have helped my leg? And wonder what I would have looked like without the Full-faced helmet, gloves, boots, and leather Jacket? WEAR YOUR SAFTEY EQUIPMENT.
  7. If you are sitting on one of those Yammy V-4s no matter the year or color you can't be wrong. Although if I could get what I wanted it would be a new Blue 84 Std. Venture. I got memories!!!!!
  8. Get a little confused at times. Just take another pill and I'll be OK.
  9. Can't say enough about that. They will always be in our thoughts.
  10. You are right Sherry. Just having bad day. The people on this site are what make it so GREAT. I have learned so much from this site. And have found out first hand what a great bunch of people they are. The "BLUE BEAST" may return some day but it doesn't looo too good right now.
  11. When I went to buy the Venture after several year break from them my plea (yes I said that) to my wife was, "Honey I've wrecked everything on two wheels drunk, Let me try one sober." Wish I hadn't said that, It hurts a lot more when you know what is happening".
  12. Have always worn the leather til I just couldn't stand it anymore. Going to have to look at that mesh
  13. Full-Faced helmet, leather jacket ,gloves, good boots in the last wreck. Very little rash except for legs. Only had light-weight summer uniform pants. They cut my leather jacket from me,cut my boots from me, cut my uniform from me and my gloves are gone. They were nice gloves. Most EMT's or ambulance personal are good people and do a great job. This EMT pushed me down as I was trying to remove my jacket and told me (Not nicely) I wasn't allowed to do that. I told him if he cut my jacket I would be back to Whip his ass. So he chopped everything I had on as much as possible. I got back a bunch of pieces with no sleeves to jacket, no gloves. Sorry I went off in the wrong direction, meds are overdue. Trying to kick pain pils. I started out to say "WEAR YOUR SAFTEY GEAR" It will save a lot of skin. And a lot of pain. I haven't forgot what I told him. 1st GENS RULE
  14. Sorry Sherry but mine came in on the back of a wrecker that hooked a cable on it and pulled it back through under the guard rail. Good thing I wasn't there.
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