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  1. This is Lil' Yammer my father Yammer Dan thought alot of everyone in the group and i would just like to extend a huge thank you to everyone for their post. Its with a heavy heart for me to do this knowing what everyone meant to him. He was my superman the toughest man i knew. He enjoyed all the trips and the company of everyone. The group was his family and will continue to be family. im sorry i cant put much on here right now i just wanted everyone to know that he respected all of you. thank you for Lil' Yammer and from Yammer he always told me never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly

  2. Prayers Up! For Skid and Yammer! (and for you too!)

    Thank each and everyone of you for the prayers. I am not worried about me its my kids and his brother that lays heavy on my mind until we lay Yammer at rest. And pass this on.... We have not heard anything from the funeral home what I understand he should have been released yesterday evening from the medical Examiner. But but assured that everyone will know as soon as we get the details done. I promise you that! Because I know how much this site and how much you guys meant to him.

  3. If you can get fuel flowing thru those carbs at all mix a Whole can of BerryMan's with about a quart of fresh gas. Take the line loose from the back of the fuel pump and fill the carbs with this and let soak for a while. I've had great luck with this. You can use Sea-Foam if you want to be a little gentler with them but the BerryMans for really dirty carbs!! Good Luck!!

  4. Amen!! He spirits are up after catching the dude that had been stealing his goodies that his wife bought for him. Staff thought it was funny. Guy over a foot taller than he was. I guess there had been several complaints in the unit about him stealing! I guess his begging & screaming to be let loose had everybody rolling in the floor!! I have always liked Pressure Points & Joint Locks. May have shown Lil Brother a few....:innocent-emoticon:

  5. I have a pair of those that are on the second bike. I pulled them from the RSV when I traded it off. I pieced mine together off e-bay. There are some knock offs available. But I went with the "real" ones. Well about 2 years on the RSV and I noticed the chrome peeling on the front. Of course that dont get any better with time. So when I swapped to the Vic I took them apart and used an abrasive pad to get the loose junk off I could and painted them a black chrome looking. Now the chinese clamps I bought to use chrome looks great. Go figure. Just not impressed with the high cost of the Kuryakin and the por quality a year or so.




    :sign yeah that::sign yeah that::sign yeah that:


    And the things are made of cheap cast metal. Breaks very easy. I did a 2or3 Mph tip over and broke one.

  6. Wife said he got moved again. Had another inmate that had been swiping the extra Grub his wife bought for him. This dude was about 6' 5" or so and lil brother is 5'6". Officers had to remove dude from brother's cell screaming and begging for mercy!! After all he is a Woods:innocent-emoticon::banana: No charges but they moved him away from the threat.....

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