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  1. Not sure what's causing yours to go back in but it's not normal. Pulling it out should stay out until you decide to push it back in.
  2. I've got an 08 with the Hannigan kit but have never heard of a drive pulley. Probably best to call the folks at Hannigan and ask them. I think they're pretty good at helping out.
  3. This is my favourite pic of the two of them; demonstrating how they "rough it" out ctfw'ing!
  4. I have the identical rig with floorboards. I have a set of Kuryakun offset longhorn dually pegs and no matter how I configure them, I can’t get them to adjust to a comfortable position. I’ve not tried any other pegs on the market but just by looking at pictures of other ones, have not seen anything that appears to fit. The problem is that the Hannigan floorboard (side board) sits high and covers up most of the crash bar which makes mounting difficult and foot placement clumsy in my view. Hopefully someone else can provide a suggestion for you (and me)! Doug
  5. One other well known issue with these is the uncontrollable addiction to chrome. I’m told there’s no cure or professional help for it either.
  6. Never heard of the 07 recall here in Canada. I bought my 07 new and never had a recall notice nor a problem with the head gasket. Might have only been an issue with 07’s sold in the US.
  7. Then you've clearly got yourself a mechanical issue, i.e. head bearing, swing arm, tires, etc. with your new ride. This bike sticks to the road like crap to a blanket and with your riding experience on a variety of bikes, I'd suggest once you've identified the mechanical problem and get it fixed, you'll change your mind on wanting to offload it.
  8. Found some OEM exhaust pipes that were in excellent condition and installed them. The pipes that were on there were a tad noisy for my liking and now she sounds like a Venture should. Also did a carb tune.
  9. When I bought my 08 with the Hannigan kit, I was ignorant of the triple tree issue. As it turns out, the trike company that did the conversion (now out of business thankfully), cut and welded the existing Venture triple tree, thereby giving it some rake. When I rode it, it seemed a bit hard to turn but never having ridden a trike before, I was none the wiser. When I took my trike to another local trike dealer (still in business and thriving), he pointed out the cut and weld job. He ordered the proper triple tree from Hannigan, installed it and the difference in handling and turning is like night and day. When I looked at the cut and weld job that was done on it initially, it was pretty clear that it was a shortcut and a means of trying to make a few bucks at the expense, and ignorance, of the purchaser. Just my 2 cents worth but if your wallet allows for it, get your proper triple tree from Hannigan and do the job properly. Doug
  10. EDIT - Should have said mufflers, not exhaust pipes.
  11. I’ve read through the forums but can’t find the answer. Will TD exhaust pipes fit onto the Venture without having to modify them? Year 2008 vintage. Thanks. Doug
  12. The nicest color combo in my view! Welcome
  13. I don't understand why you riders in the blazing heat don't invest in a cooling vest. During our visit to Venture West in northern California a few years ago, Nancy from @acehighleathers convinced Dale and I to purchase cooling vests for the planned trip across the desert to Salt Lake City. It was a life saver from the excessive heat. Simply rinse in any available water, wring out and put it on. Keeps your core cool for several hours and doesn't soak your other clothing. As it dries out and loses effectiveness, rinse and repeat! Doug
  14. Just to clarify, the Part # i've quoted is for where I bought them which is www.fortnine.ca. Fortnine is a major m/c parts distributer in Canada and a great source for all things m/c. I just checked the Custom Dynamics website and couldn't easily locate the same reference to the one's I purchased. CD has similar ones on their website but seem to reference fitment for HD's only. Maybe a call to CD will clarify. I've talked to them before and their customer service is top notch.
  15. Custom Dynamics LED Turn Signal Inserts Amber/White - BAZ Base - GEN-200AW-157TC, Part #CM1320881 is what you need. Plug and play for your front turn signals. They're white when running and amber when the turn signal is on. Bright LED's. Put them on my 08 RSV.
  16. Good idea. Nancy at Ace High Leathers made mine but as the song goes "it's blowing in the wind!" Should have secured it somehow.
  17. Don, I just received an email from you today saying my subscription would be expiring on May 7. I paid my $12.00 renewal on April 10, Order #284. Not sure what's up with that. Doug
  18. Thumbs Up would be my preference as well.
  19. All the best for a speedy recovery Earl.
  20. Went to 2 HH stores today and all sold out but I was able to get a rain check at the sale price. And here I thought only Venture riders used Seafoam, lol 😂.
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