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  1. Anyone know if there is a way to convert a 5 pin headset to work on the 2018 SV ? I hate to buy a new headset if I can make an adapter or something. The 5 pin will fit into the 7 pin connector on the bike, but all that works are the speakers - the mic doesn't and thus there is no comm to the passenger of CB.
  2. Bought this M3 LED headlamp for my '03 RSV, but never installed. Includes 3 adapter rings inside to fit different bikes. Pd $80 at a bike show. You can have it for $60, plus shipping. Gidzhome@sbcglobal.net
  3. I bought this headset and lower cord new last year. Only used on two rides. The 03 Royal Star Venture and the girlfriend that it was purchased for are no longer with me. Cost $140 new. Yours for only $110. Venmo or Paypal. Gidzhome@sbcglobal.net $110 · Lincolnshire, IL J&M headset HS-CD9291-UNV-XHO headset, with 5 pin lower cable
  4. I bought this J&M headset a few years ago - don't know what model. Works just fine. Used on my '03 RSV. Bought a 3rd gen that requires the 7 pin setup so this 5 pin set up can be yours for only $100 purchase new for $140. Includes the 5 Pin lower cord. Helmet not included. Venmo or Paypal. Gidzhome@sbcglobal.net (need to take a pic with lower resolution to upload).
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