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  1. I have been contacted by Late Yammer Dan's son about selling the Yamaha parts.  (mostly First Gen) And if I would know if anyone would be interested. I can put you in contact with him. He did state that he may be willing to sell of the complete bikes. As we all know, Yammer had a large amount of First Gen parts and a complete '99 Second Gen. I was just asked if I knew anyone that may be interested.  

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  2. I will attempt to extend my trip past Sunday a couple days if possible. It actually starts on Friday the 13th, so I’ll be the the first couple days if nothing else. Beach & motorcycle will still be a great time 

  3. I’ve been here for what seems like forever and still floating around. So you’ll never know where you may cross my path out riding. I don’t plan on going away anytime soon.  But it’s sad when you think about all the members I’ve met and made friends with, but not a clue where they’re at now 

  4. I spent the past two weeks volunteering with Samaritan Purse. I was a week in Bowling Green and a week in Mayfield. The most destruction I've ever saw on all the trips I've been on. The stories I heard from homeowners was unreal what they went through. On a good note, they are lots of volunteer and other organizations there to help. There are still lots of good Americans willing to help their neighbors in need.    

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