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  1. Pre-1933 motorcycle coast to coast ride stopped in Paducah today. I couldn’t stay until they all arrived but here’s what I saw.Oldest was the 1912 Indian Single
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  2. Well, I’ve heard great things about them but have been running Clearview since 1999. In fact, Rick Butler and I made a template for the RSV after it came out and sent to them to make the shields and we got the first two made. I know that Clearview uses polycarbonate which is superior to the acrylic that many use. But Freedom uses a modified acrylic that may be as good as polycarbonate. I just don’t know. Both companies are 3 to 5 weeks out on delivery but I talked to Clearview and they really stepped it up for me.
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  3. Lucky you to see them! I LOVE the Motorcycle Cannonball! Saw them at a stop a few years ago in WV. Favorites are the sidecars and 4 cyl. Hendersons. Riders will sometimes take time to chat with you and take photos at designated stops. Following them on Facebook every day. https://motorcyclecannonball.com/ Interesting that, as a driver, you're on your own. They all have a support crew, but can't get help from them during the race. From the rules: https://motorcyclecannonball.com/apply/#:~:text=Generally%2C any motorcycle manufactured in,replica machines are allowed!! During a Stage, a competing motorcycle must not receive service or assistance from anyone associated with any Event Team including, but not limited to, support vehicles, family members, and friends. 4. Support vehicles must follow Support Crew Instructions. 5. On most days, Support Crew instructions take Support Vehicles directly to the next overnight city by a route mostly different from that followed by competing motorcycles. On these days, where portions of the route are the same, a support vehicle must not travel near its competing motorcycle. 6. On several days, Support Vehicles follow a major portion of the motorcycles’ route. On these days, support vehicles must not be in the field of competing motorcycles during the day’s run; therefore, on these days, it is recommended that support vehicles depart at least 30 minutes after to the official start of the Stage. (Support crews will be notified daily on wgich time to leave 7. If a Team's support vehicle is observed violating Support Crew Instructions (such as moving in the field of competing motorcycles when instructed not to, or traveling near its competing motorcycle) the rider or Team will receive a penalty of 50 Points for the first occurrence, 250 Points for the second occurrence, and disqualification for the third occurrence. 8. If a support vehicle is designated the official support vehicle for more than one Team, each of the Teams will receive the penalties assessed because of that support vehicle.
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  4. OK it wasn't a monumental ride but we did get a bit of riding in this weekend. It was heavily overcast here on Saturday and Sunday but the rain held off for the most part. I managed to get in about 150 miles alone on Saturday. Just a nice ride through eh country side getting used to the new bike. Then on Sunday, Eileen and I first decided to ride over into Pennsylvania but hit some rain just east of Cleveland so we turned around and then headed south for a bit. We ended up doing another 125 miles or so. More nice riding through the country and stopped for dinner at a small pub/diner that was pretty good. The bike did great. We seldom got above 65 MPH but the torque is great for that type of riding. It has a feature that they told me about but I really didn't think it was a big deal and really it's not but I found myself using it pretty often and really like it. I don't know if they call it a hill start mode or parking mode or what but when you roll up to a stop light and are on a slope, once stopped you just pull the break handle in and it locks the brakes. So you don't have to hold the brake while sitting. When the light changes, you simple squeeze the lever again or just roll on the throttle and it releases. Kind of nice. Also really enjoyed the Apple CarPlay. As for comfort, this bike is as good as I've owned. For the first time in many years, I will not have to change thee handlebars or add risers. The stock bars are about perfect for me. I've already added the riders backrest and highway pegs. About the only thing that needs changing is the windshield. The stock shield is just way too low for me. I'll likely add a new Clearview shield in the near future.
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  5. How's about Hocking Hills?
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