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  1. Agreed but we are not doomed. Gain of Function on virus', chemicals and weapons in general have been happening in humanity since the dawn of time. I read an article the other day Where the headline read 'France warned the US about Lab in 2015. Well needless to say it got my attention. After reading the Article is was clear that France got the US to fund (in large part) the building of the Wuhan Lab ~2009 and indicated they would have 50 of their scientists there to monitor, train and help the Chinese. Well the Scientists never left France and China blocked all access to the Lab. At this point it is time to HEAVILY sanction China and enforce those sanctions completely.
  2. Good to see this discussion is being held without anybody shooting at each other. Don't mind following this at all,, but now I'm going to through a monkey wrench into the whole theological theory. Time will come when this world will come to an end. Scientists will back that thought. We all like to remain blind to that fact and refuse to deal with it, but the signs are there. I'm not on climate change, flooding oceans, drought in areas and floods in others, all that stuff. I'm not one to delve into that stuff much. Rather I see things a bit different and the events kind of point in that direction. We can complain, fight, vote, rally, or whatever, to try and direct bosses (government or companies and know-it-alls) in the direction that we think they should go, but it doesn't seem to work. Why not? They are not the ones really in control. We live in a world that is governed not by mere people, but by the unseen 'bodies' that rule and guide us, evil vs good if you will. Presently evil has things going his way and so we are getting deeper and deeper into kaka. That's why I don't oppose any of the myriad of conspiracy theories that are being brought out. Anyone of those could be true. What I do see though is that man is being primed to follow what ruling bodies decide, as well as swallowing any 'white lies' that are being pushed around. It in advertising, government, political correctness, packaging and thoughout all our systems. We are so immune to it all, that we don't pay pay attention to it anymore, fact it, often times we will even support it. This may not be you and I, but thee general population where of I speak. Our moral fabric is going to shreds, our governments (that's us by the way) are so far in debt that there is no way out. In order to bring this around and be able to carry-on at all,,,, there will have to be a one-somebody to take it all in hand and fix it,,,, somehow cancel all debts of the countries, set 'new' rules in place that we need to abide by and still somehow make sure that we follow his lead. This won't be an easy thing to do, but a lot easier than it was 100 years ago. There is now enough of the population that will follow anyone that can make some wild ass promises, it doesn't take 50% plus one,,, it only takes 15% of the people to vote in a new government. Kind of scary I think, and like I said at first,, we don't want to deal with it. As a closing statement: Do we know which con theory is right? True? Can we trust what we are told by our rulers or bosses? Really?? Where is the truth? Who has it?
  3. UPDATE: I ordered the windshield on 6/22 and it was delivered on 7/23. (A little beyond the original 12-16 business day estimate but not too bad) I finally got it installed last night and went for a short ride and so far I'm happy with it. Installation was easy and it fit perfectly using the original fasteners. In the full up position the windshield comes to about the top of my forehead and in the full down position it comes to the tip of my nose allowing me to see over it when I need to. The full up and full down positions are about as good as I hoped given the limited 4" of total travel. The recurve at the top is very subtle and not dramatic like I've seen on some other windshields which I think fits well with the Venture's style. As others have mentioned, the extra width infringes slightly on the mirrors but it's not an issue and worth the extra wind protection. The real test will be when I can get out on the highway and get it up to 65-75 mph.
  4. If it got hot we stopped at the nearest house and drank from the hose. Nobody ran us off from that. Drank from the creeks too, no telling what was in that water. Maybe that’s why I have a strong immunity.
  5. My mother had to practically rope and hog tie us then drag us in no matter the weather or time of day. today its all you can do to throw those kids out for even an hour.
  6. Here's my issue - RNA or mRNA vaccines are primarily synthetic and have not been fully approved by the CDC. They have been provisionally approved. Why have they not been fully approved has a lot of speculation but a veterinarian friend said that they have a lot of adverse effects in animals. This should be a major concern. We are showing proof now that the current vaccinations do not stop the spread. They are being called 'break through cases'. These numbers are being kept from the general public and when they are released we are told they are too minor to consider. This means the medical and scientific communities have been given an opportunity to conduct human trials in the guise of a virus that can have a serious affect on very few. Evidence clearly favor that the drastic effects on some are because they also have additional underlying conditions. This was noted in a CDC memo released last year stating that 6% of the deaths related to COVID were COVID only and the other 94% had underlying or other conditions. This memo was shoved under the rug to keep the fear narrative going. Even more so in the US it was shoved under the rug for political purposes. The scary part of some publications (which I really don't believe) is that it (the Virus) was developed to attack specific DNA type individuals. If this is true and can be done then our fear should be of something completely different.
  7. Not fitting the Narrative is so true and the narrative is fear - on both sides of the coin. Before SARS-COV-2 (COVID 19) the fear narrative was pushed around the Flu every year but it would never really fly. The use of fear by governments and politicians is ridiculous. COVID gave them a foothold to push fear and control in the MSM. It gave the other side a fear to push against government overreach and control. It boils down to individual choice, you either have it and exercise it or you just don't have it. Many are being forced to take the vaccine under many circumstances and I personally feel that is wrong. Basically it's none of my business what anyone else chooses to do and I don't need to know one way or the other.
  8. Sorry to hear that Saddlebum but glad to hear they pulled through. My sister & brother in law, actually the whole family also tested positive and all but my brother in law pulled through quickly. He did not end up in the hospital, but came close. Incidentally, he is the only smoker in the family. I've always wondered what the stats for smokers vs. non-smokers were. I'm guessing much worse for smokers since its a respiratory issue, but we probably were not allowed to see that data as it would not fit the narrative.
  9. Agree. I just looked at my county's covid dashboard & it matches your mortality rate @ 1.39% (of known cases) & 66% of those are with 1 or more known comorbidities. They've taken the long-term care facility data off the website, but it was tracking at right around 45% of all deaths in our county. I live in a county of 1.9M people, so would say this is statistically significant data. There are now known and proven therapuetics to treat covid, so as someone who is healthy, I too am comfortable taking the risk - and I know the risk is not zero. I too do not like the government overreach here. Like everyone else, when this first started I was freaked out. But when political power and profits came into play, it definitely changed my perspective to be a bit more skeptical. As Mark Twain said, there are 3 kinds of lies; lies, damn lies and statistics. Oddly enough, our two top current politicians were talking down the vaccine just months ago because it came to be under someone they didn't like. But now its all good?
  10. I agree with Brad it is not uncommon for these bikes to get a stuck float or needle. and have the gas over flow out the vents. In many such cases the bike will leak gas out the vent while idling but stop when the engine runs at higher RPM. Then when you stop and idle at a traffic light for example the gas will start leaking out the overflow again until you get going. One thing you can try which I have had success with is drain the suspect carb, disconnect the fuel inlet line at the suspect carb and connect the can directly to the carbs fuel inlet and spray the carb leaner into the carb. I take the nozzle of the can and replace it with a length of small hose which I then hook to the carb. A small hose clamp or a washer that fits snug over the hose just above the nozzle and snug enough so it wont slide over the part of the hos stretched over the stem on the can will aid in depressing the stem to force the cleaner into the carb Make sure to leave the fuel bowl drain open so it can all flush out. Give it a good flush and the put it all back together. Seafoam may work for this but I prefer to use an actual can of carb cleaner which is more aggressive and faster acting than seafoam for this sort of thing. If this does not solve the problem than you may have to do a carb overhaul.
  11. You probably just had a stuck float and riding it jarred it around enough to clear itself up. Dump a can of seafoam or B12 Chemtool in the tank and go for a nice long ride where you use most the fuel in the tank up.
  12. well I had the mad-derna first shot no problem. second shot 5 day bad headache. And now I'm fat😉
  13. Man, after reading all this I think I need to watch 'V is for Vendetta' again.
  14. The reason I recommenced flushing through the fuel supply line and leaving the drain plug open rather than just back filling the float bowel through the drain hole is so the flow pressure of the cleaner goes right through the needle and seat valve flushing out any debris that might be sitting in the needle and seat.
  15. I guess There is a probability that there will always be someone or someones that crave the power to remake the human race into their version of the perfect race. Hitler attempted it through a human breeding program and I am sure he is not the only. I believe arranged marriages as well as for joining preferred family ties for wealth or power may also have to do with maintaining or improving the family bloodline. Many tribes on both continents often turned captured slaves into tribal members after a time in order to improve their blood lines. So nasty at it sounds I think this is something will always be one way or another. But viral research also has another nasty side and that is war fare and I do not put it past any power to dabble in this field even though the idea of it has been banned world wide, but then that all is only on paper agreements are always broken. At the same time someone will always come up with some theory as to why something happened just to scare the pants off us.
  16. No kidding kids today are more sophisticated but in my mind what they consider as fun does not even come close to the fun we had as kids in the 50's and 60's. When is the last time you saw a kid climb a tree grinning from ear to ear catch mice or frogs with their bare hands. or a group of kids get together and completely on their own organize an impromptu game of football, baseball, soccer or street hockey. wonder off into the bush and build forts. Someone once said I was happier being 20 in the sixties than sixty in the twenties. I one time scampered up the face of a set of storage racks to toss down eight 11R-22 truck tires. the 30 year old on the ground stunned after saying it could not be done asked how is it a 65 year old guy like you can climb like that. My simple answer was I grew up climbing real trees not virtual trees.
  17. Not to sway opinions one way or another but I remember as a kid, in the sixties we all had to take the smallpox/polio/TB vaccines. It was also required to be taken by anyone immigrating to Canada or the US as well as people travailing from one continent to another. As a result these diseases were just about wiped out. Then in the eighties came the push against mandatory vaccinations, mostly by young mothers who thought they knew it all. As well quarantining and mandatory vaccinations for immigration were largely stopped. As a result smallpox, polio and TB are starting to make a come back as well as a host of other viruses that once did not exist here but now do. I am not a big fan of government interference either but where do you draw the line between individual freedoms and public safety? Unfortunately you can look at the whole picture from different angles combined with a mix of true facts and misinformation each and everyone of us can come up with a different perspective and still not know for sure whether each and everyone of holds the correct opinion. At the end of the day this boils down to a real conundrum and none of really knowing the true answer until its too late to do anything about it.
  18. But none of this discussion should take away from the heartbreak and tragedy of those lost to this virus/disease that, by all accounts, should have never even existed in the first place. If the world powers have not learned from this, then we are doomed as a species.
  19. I love all the knowledge & info you provide here Saddlebum. For a newbie like me, its invaluable! Having gone through a bunch of carb issues myself and knowing what's involved in actually getting to the carbs themselves (pulling the tank & airboxes @ a minimum), I was visualizing what you suggested and wondered if this would be an easier way: Drain the float bowl, then refill it with carb cleaner via the drain itself (I use a section of 1/4" hose to drain, so use that as you described to inject the cleaner). Then immediately close the drain screw and allow it to soak for a few mins. After soaking, drain again, close the screw, run the fuel pump and drain again to flush. Not sure how it will work to force feed cleaner up through the drain & could be messy, but I think I might try this if I ever have that stuck float issue.
  20. I got my first Maderna shot today. I like the last part, I’ll claim the city made me fat by forcing the shots on me. Think I’ll get a settlement? 🤣🤣🤣
  21. Ran Pirellis on my Kawi 900. They were OK. My RSV had e3 on it when I bought it. They got noisy at the end of wear and I didnt care for wet traction.
  22. I had the Pirelli tires on the bike when I bought it. They were fine and I had no problems with them although they did follow cracks in the road more than the Metzler I have now. I also thought they were not as good in the rain.
  23. I hope it all goes well for you. Its one thing to make the choice and accept any risks without coercion, but to be forced.... At least they are giving you a choice to wear a mask instead. I asked my son what he would do if his college coach told him he had to get it or not be on the team. He said he's not going to make it to the majors anyways, so he would quit and go find a rec league to play instead. I was happy to hear that. And now we are hearing about more & more "break through" cases and that the antibodies wane after a few months and booster shots are needed (at least according to Pfizer, who's making a nice profit on this). There are just too damn many documented cases of short-term adverse reactions and we still don't know what, if any, long-term implications this messenger RNA therapy will have on our bodies. I'm 53 & hope to make 100 and I'm very careful about what goes into my body now, knowing that will play a key part in making that goal. I will never forget sitting down with my Grandfather one day when he was 89. He was reflecting on his life and telling me stories about his life experiences. I was ~30 at the time and was not even remotely thinking about my own mortality. The one thing that stayed with me from that day is that life is good and there are no number of years of being alive that will ever be enough for me. He made it to 92 and died of a broken heart, 6 months after my Grandmother (they were each other's first and only love in life). I miss them both tremendously, they were pretty much dirt poor, but had a type of riches that most people try for, yet never achieve in life and I idolize them for that. Sorry for the ramblings, we've just had our sense of reality, purpose and value in life so distorted and mangled over the last year+, that I sometimes need a simple reminder of what's really important to me
  24. I'm with you. I'm most concerned for my 19-year old son and what position his college may put him in to get the shot. There are well-documented cases of adverse side effects (especially young males having enlarged hearts after the shot) and we have no idea what this may cause 1, 2, or 10 years from now. There are well-educated researchers out there who say this has very real possibilities of causing autoimmune disorders in the longer term. And now we are hearing that the vaccine does not prevent catching the virus, at best it minimizes symptoms. I respect everyone who's made the choice to get the shot and just ask that same respect in return for my choice. @larrydr Get well soon!!!! Prayers are up for you! From what you've just told us here, you are one tough cookie!
  25. I did find on set of Perilli available , but the shipping itself was as much as the tires cost
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