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  1. I stumbled across this video and thought you guys may want to see it.
  2. Is that the Dutch phrase that is used to describe a "Cheapskate" Marcarl! "A penny saved is a penny earned"! (Cheapskate!) "Penny wise and pound foolish"! (Cheapskate!) We sorta' cut to the chase down here in the lower 48. I love ya', brother! Earl
  3. New in the pouch VR Guardian Bell and new VR mc flag. I will even pay to mail it in the US.
  4. Fine by me Richard. All the bikes are gone now and have no intentions of riding anymore. Started in 1959 and it has been a ride to remember, but the old body has had enough. PM your address and I will send them on.
  5. When attempting to jump start a dead battery on the Venture, make sure the car or pickup is NOT running. The output of the alternator on the car or truck may be too high for the electrical systems on the bike and may fry some of the circuits. As Carl said above, check the master fuse on the left side of the battery. It is a flat metal wishbone fuse under a plastic cover. If I remember....it is a 40 amp. Jim
  6. My dog hears me coming and barks to let the wife know who hits the door opener button. No wiring to update, no remote to hide or get stolen. Just got to remember to keep mouth shut if she doesn't hit the button on time
  7. I use these for my '89 VR and have for a few years with no issue. They are 180 degrees.
  8. Forgot to mention: replaced guide bushings,,, just for that reason Earl, but thanks for bringing that up. We did go with seals from AllBalls though, thinking that they might be reputable enough? Might there be too much wear in the lower tubes? Fresh oil was in the tubes for only 2 weeks and was totally black.
  9. Hey Marcarl, I have to admit, I have rarely seen you post about something that has you scratching your head over it, so this will be an honor to add my two cents to the mix! With that being said, The guide bushings that keep the upper fork tubes in the center of the lower fork tubes will wear out just like the fork seals. In fact, if the guide bushings are excessively worn, they will cause a perfectly good set of fork seals to start leaking! Because of the "Rake" of the front fork tubes, (angle of the tubes in relation to the center line of the motorcycle frame) the guide bushing inside diameter will become "egg shaped" over time. When this condition increases to the point where the lip of the fork seal no longer contacts the upper fork tubes, leakage will result. There are usually two guide bushings in each lower fork tube, try replacing those. Earl
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