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  1. I have successfully used this simple method of checking for loose spokes on my motorcycles, bicycles for years and now finding myself doing the same on my E-bikes. This little trick came in VERY useful when racing Motocross, Enduros and Harescrambles on dirtbikes where the rear hub/spoke connection took major abuse but I also used it in my shop when swapping on different wheels on my Chopper builds. A simple slow spin (or not even spin at all, just go around and "tonk" on each spoke with a screw driver or other tool that could be used to make them "sing" worked fine too). Give it a try and see what you think and let me know in the comments below.. Puc
  2. Congrats! That's so nice to hear.....now just keep it up (so to speak). Keep that lady Smiling and Happy! Ride more! LOL!
  3. I used 1 1/8" hole saw, it was a perfect fit, for drilling out the rear baffle plate. Definitely gives it more rumble. Will leave them on for a while and see how I like it. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. In a moment of weakness 27 years ago today I exchanged rings and ate a cake so I got the bike out and we got in around 100 miles to celebrate today.
  5. I finally got the chance to bleed my brakes and clutch last week on the SVTC. It is an ‘18, so it was time to replace the brake fluid. It took me more time trying to figure out how to remove the right front cowling (I think that is what it called) than actually bleed and replace the fluid. Everything went smooth as expected. My brake fluid is good for another 2 years. 😀 I got a few pics I took during my ordeal
  6. I finally sat down and figured out my daily mileage for the trip to Michigan. Tried for Freebirds MD, but the rain on Friday in the east side of Michigan was to much so I went west. Screen capture taken later in day.... I averaged approx. 400 miles a day. That ended up being about 8 hrs on the road. The Speed averages for the 2 lanes was 65mph, so factor in fuel, bathroom and rest stops and you get an easy 8 hrs on the road. I did run about 5mph over most of the time to try and keep the motor at a higher rpm due to wind. It's funny, no matter what direction I travel, I had a head wind. Most of the time it came from around 11 o'clock...which would provide a nice slam when a truck came by from the other direction. Regardless....It was a very nice trip. Meeting Puc and Tip, Flyinfool and his better half.... and having a great ride on Rt's 60, 70 and 54....nice to see the country from a bike seat!
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