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  1. LOL... Sounds like a case of old age to me.... 🙂
  2. Spring has finally sprung in my corner of Poland. Around 350 kms under the tyres so far. With each km I have come to love and respect my 2 wheeled lady more and more. In short this bike is fecking amazing, I wasn't sure when I bought it, but any doubts have been dispelled and then some. I sincerely hope that both I and all the other Venturers on here get a chance to convert fuel into smiles over the next several months, despite the current difficulties. Paul
  3. I use to ride with my father as a child when it was the VTS. Then inherited both of his 1986s. One brown and one the black and silver. I've rode both of them for many years. Now that I'm in my 40's I thought I would check out the rsv. I picked up my 01 with 9k on it. I love it!
  4. Idrys


    Does anyone please have any info on the correct name or code number for the darker blue on my Royale. Needs a few touch ups.
  5. My son had an '83 blonde Venture I 'won' in a St. Judes fundraiser on this site. Don't recall who ran the fundraiser. Story time: My wife and I were vacationing in San Antonio (2013) while this fundraising auction was going on. It got down to 2 people bidding with just a few seconds left. I looked to my bride and she nodded yes - I bid again and won. After we headed home, I then asked the question that should have been asked initially. "Where is this bike, anyway" Houston. At the time, my son was living in Austin and didn't have a bike. He rode mine before he moved out and had an endorsement and a helmet. He took a bus to Houston to pick it up and rode it back to Austin. Starter gear started acting up and I bought one from Bongodave (IIRC) and had it shipped to my son. He rode back to Houston and I rode down from Wisconsin and we met at @Squidley's place to do the change out. Went great. Son rode that '83 (with an '86 engine due to previous owner's 2nd gear problem) until early 2020. He had moved to Phoenix and turned into a pretty good Venture wrench since it was his principal mode of transportation. At some point I convinced him to join VR and he chose @GoldenRider as his screen name. The bike I won has only been in my garage once when GR rode home to visit. It was really nickel and diming him and he found it a new home. Purchased a distressed Honda Valkyrie and got it running well. However, it didn't really fit him comfortably. Recently found a really nice 2008 for a better than fair price (had a reported stator issue). He picked it up in southern Illinois and brought it to our house. The stator problem was a poor soldering job in place of the stator connector and the plug for the R/R was forced in backwards. Resoldered the lines, turned the plug around, and we were getting 14 volts charging. That's when it was decided to do a complete maintenance job including the valve shims. It has gone seriously pear-shaped from there. Besides, I'm not ready to retire yet. Another 5 or so years. Just have to keep the 2000 going until then so I can finally put some real miles on it (only 160,000 or so on it now).
  6. Such a failure at highway speeds can be a really BAD thing. Been there, done that....I'm very pleased that you survived it, and that you were resourceful enough to get her going again. I'm sure you were shaken, but ya got right back up on that steed and rode it home. Nice going !!!
  7. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL... I mean,, COME ON JACK!! That of which you speak is a direct pathway to one of the socialist owned U.S. prisons for 10 years! Ahhhh no.. On some things I have no problems "bending" the rules but messing with the ATF is not one of them!! Besides,, who would take care of Tippy and the grandkids if I were not home LOL.... Speaking of Mcgyvering Jack.. What do you think of my little project so far?
  8. Just be careful with the throttle, once you twist it to open you'll find it very hard to close again,,,, unless you need fuel or something to eat, then it closes just fine.
  9. I make various jumpers for the Venture. I make a plug and play jumper break out that plugs in to the back side of the cigarette lighter that is in the lower portion of the fairing on the left side. I can put wires on the bare pins in the photo and you can but splice or solder your adapter to those wires. The jumper is $10.00 delivered to any where in the lower 48.
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