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  1. It was not an easy task to have SNOW on the ground in all 50 states at the same time. Also managed to have 72% of the continental USA covered in SNOW all at one time. And don't think I am done......
  2. Just got back from 50klm ride today. Started out at 106400klm. Temp was -2(28)deg.
  3. Update fixed everything soldered the controls they have a bad solder on the back it look bad .,*+. All the lights working no idiot lights on all the fluids are full . No leaks.Time to go for another ride. And thank you guys for all your help couldn't have done it without you.
  4. We hope the surgery go's well. We'll say a prayer for Trina. It's going to be a nice day, enjoy the ride. We're counting the day's until Vogel.
  5. So very sorry for creating the upset that my un-researched comment caused. Bet the calendar got some visits though.
  6. Lets pause for a moment. The CLASS only comes to life when the key is in the Acc position. Try that first. As far as rework I should correct myself that it’s not likely they were cold joints but are old and tired which is why you don’t see evidence. There is a link somewhere that I couldn’t find. I spent the first 15 years of my career with an iron in my hand and still didn’t see any superficial error, although it was obvious someone before had tried. Correct soldering skills are critical. Having nothing to loose I reflowed every joint on the system and it now works flawless. After fixing the board I also was getting a timeout error so I reworked the compressor with a little pneumatic oil on the rubber bits and it’s all good. as for the desiccant in the dryer. I microwaved it for I wanna remember 10 seconds at a time till the blue came back. I’ve been in this game less than a year so hopefully someone will correct any flaws. This is just my experience.
  7. Good looking peace there Puc. I thought about you while surfing Gun Broker the other night. I landed a nice one yesterday and I think I will sling a lot of lead with it. I plan on killing a slew of those old clay birds with it. It is in the mail as of today so I can try it out soon. It is a Weatherby Orion 1 O/U 3" chamber 26" barrel (Very purdy wood on this one). I will post pics when it comes in.
  8. I had to solder on last bike cause of head light problems. There's a motor on FB market place in springfield missouri. For $250. Been looking for one 3mo. Now one pops up. And I am broke.
  9. I carry a chunk of 2x6 in the saddlebag. I have gotten it up on the center with no aid, but after reconstructive knee surgery on my right I’m terrified of effing it up. I’m lucky enough to be walking running and jumping again let alone riding. My knee is worth more than my pride.
  10. To get my 87 Venture on the center stand I use a 12" section of 1" pipe. Slip the pipe over the foot pad on the center stand, grab the handle bars with your left hand and the passenger grab bar with your right. Put your right foot on the end of the pipe, pull the bike backwards and at the same time step down on the pipe with your right foot. The pipe gives you extra leverage and will "pop" right up on the stand. I carry mine in the left saddle bag.
  11. VID_20210306_105725.mp4 VID_20210306_105725.mp4 Here is a walk around video.
  12. I have magical tools I am constantly buying 5/8" wrenches and they keep changing into 11/16' wrenches. I now own seven 11/16" wrenches which I have never bought but am lucky if I have a 5/8" wrench in my box.
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