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  1. Plan for the unexpected which includes a lot, including the weather all the way to a flat tire. MORE: Leave with good tires. Take tools you can use. Invest is a SPOT or similar for emergency if no cell service. Med Jet is great if you and/or you motorcycle need to be evacuated for any reason. I had to use it. If traveling outside USA obtain some hospital insurance that will pay the facility, not you pay and pray you are reimbursed (happened to me). GoreTex is you friend. Be very aware of the range of your motorcycle in a worse case and have a good idea where you will get your ne
  2. Nice bike. My gas smell comes from the large rubber boots around the carbs that connect the air filter. Reposition and get them right, much less of a smell. My 83 has no petcock either.
  3. Clean all surfaces with brake clean then coat with a bit of green loctite bearing and bushing retainer prior to pushing it in.
  4. Well up here in canada this morning its a balmy 27.5 below Fahrenheit or -42 with the wind chill. Cold enough that the stock coolant in one of our snowmachines gelled enough to take out the impeller on the water pump earlier this week. When the kids complain about the cold they get to go out and split fire wood and we all come back in with streamers of frost and ice hanging off our scarves and cheeks and noses as red as apples. We've had five batteries die in the last week and i had to actually look at the manual to find the one our traverse. Who designs a vehicle with a battery located betwe
  5. I remember a few times with snow up around hydro pole and city called on anyone with snow mobiles to help out with transporting supplies and people to stores or hospital if needed!
  6. UPDATE #3: They have taken my sister in-law off the ventilator yesterday and but her on an oxygen nose tube with 6% oxygen, Today they reduce her oxygen down to 3% and she is out of the icu into a telemetry unit. She is not communicating yet but is responding to requests to perform physical. movements. My brother in-law is doing well with a few lingering after effects. Talking with him on the phone he sounded like his old self.
  7. Before I head out on a multi day run I also take a look at the member map to see who lives near my route.
  8. Good question, wife says most important to get off the steed, stretch and rehydrate every couple of hours. Myself, a full selection of tools and a cell with wifi/data. 60 day rte66 run was longest for us in 2013, 267 hours saddle time. This forum was the best reference to successfully put that trip together.
  9. For me on this side of USA, Rain Gear. I'm also a firm believer of the vacuum type bags to pack clothes in. They compress and keep stuff dry. First pic here of RSV is what I had to pack when I went to Daytona to work as an official. I was up there for 3 weeks. Uniforms, rain gear, warm clothes, and 3 firesuits. Second one is 07 or 08 when wife and I went to NC for a week in Fall.
  10. https://www.autozone.com/test-scan-and-specialty-tools/brake-tool/dorman-help-brake-bleeder-screw-repair-kit/83105_0_0?cmpid=PLA:US:EN:AD:NL:1000000:HRD:71700000043780883&gclid=Cj0KCQiAyJOBBhDCARIsAJG2h5dfpphtb3SX1k8feggu78uxTbQrL2rvILL6D2BKesSr18sqTXwshzUaAnUXEALw_wcB
  11. Thanks for all the replies! I decided to go with Yamalube/Yamacool. Its not very expensive and I figure its what Yamaha would use. Its a 60/40 pre mix. Will wait for warmer weather to flush the radiator.
  12. I use old school Prestone green (or generic) on my old 83. I prefer to buy the 50/50 blend, but if you get full strength, dilute with distilled water.
  13. Yup, replace all the fluids with WD-40 and then put it in a dumpster.
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