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  1. So with the covid restrictions in place I have been doing my spring cleaning early. I came across my collection of snow shoes. the first ones are a small pair of antique emergency snow shoes given to me by a friend who used to be a bush pilot. The second pair is a set of full size snow shoes given to me by a friend who used to do some winter trapping in the north country. Now the last pair I am not quite convinced are snow shoe but according to @Marcarlwho gave them to me insists they are dutch snow shoes. Notice the color indicators on the tail ends this was apparently done so Marca
  2. Berryman B-12 Don't leave it too long, it is fairly aggressive. Just follow the MFGs directions.
  3. Can't let that go!!!! Reason you found those is that your mother probably had to use them a time or two,,, yah you made them look fancy and all with the wooden shoes,, but really they were called 'mattekloppers', used for cleaning floor mats and such, even the old style mattresses come spring. But the most use for them was when father wasn't available and mother had to threaten with the matteklopper, and I'm sure if you search back in your memory bank you will find the results.
  4. I'm focused this Winter on turning some of the old projects I've laying around into functioning machines again. Got my old Polaris 4 wheeler sorted out and ready for action...been sitting for 3 or 4 years. Got a 10k generator back up and running after (someone else) left it sitting for about 5 years. Now I'm working on getting my old Honda Nighthawk 700s back up and running. It's been sitting about 6 years. I had Seafoam in the gas back then, and now, with a tank leak, had no gas in it. I loosened the bowl drain screws on the outer carbs and it appears the bowls are dry as we
  5. cowpuc

    Carb soak

    Hi Unc!! @uncledj , those Nighthawks were fine scoots - you got yourself a worthy project there of which I implore you to work thru it step by step and end up getting to experience the breeds real/full potential. Because of that Honda's vintage and also the demand for them back in the day I ended up refurbishing more than one of them. From that I divulge my amature knowledge of such. They did have some particulars you might want to be aware of: The Nighthawks real achilles heel from my experience can be found in Honda choosing to use hydraulic lifters in them. All of the ones I brought
  6. @RDawson @saddlebum @Squidley Thanks so much for the help. I got her put back together all seems good. Test drive was relatively short but she's quieter and shifts better than she ever did. Squidley had the output shaft brake off at the nut that holds the U-joint on at 27,000. Wasn't real noisey but she would still go for about 3,000 then the seal started leaking. replaced. Saddlebum I did check that. My harbor freight stethoscope sure helped isolate the noise. Not sure of the best way to put the drive shaft back in but my rubber boot is extremely difficult to put back on. So I thought
  7. In addition to that, when you change your oil, be sure to catch it all in a container, that way it's easier to save, to use next time around. You only need to have 2 lots of oil that way, rather than having to go buy new stuff every time.
  8. I may have one. I will need to check. If I do its yours. you may have to pay some postage. On another note most of us replace the box with one of these. https://www.amazon.ca/Electop-Negative-Waterproof-Protection-Automotive/dp/B0838TZ2Z2/ref=sr_1_7?crid=2KKCQQSMX9XLL&dchild=1&keywords=mini+fuse+block&qid=1608593946&sprefix=mini+fuse+block%2Caps%2C178&sr=8-7
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