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  1. HEY, I thought I was your driver to drive that Vette to your home???? Or mine if I make a wrong turn at Chicago..... There is also the option that my truck will easily pull that car on a trailer, and being a 6 passenger truck There would easily be room for both you and Tippy.
  2. Puc, There is always room for you and any car you find down here. We are about 45 miles north of Houstons northern limit. We live in Shepherd now, about 15 miles northeast of the house we used to live at. Come on down and we'll show you the real southern hospitality brother!
  3. Don't listen to @Patchor @cowpucJust Replace the bike less hassle
  4. Snowmobile suits work great. That's what I always use in winter riding. I have used both the 2 piece and one piece and both work great. Make sure to squat and that your ankles are still covered while doing so, when trying them on so your sure to have enough leg length when sitting on the bike.
  5. Back in the sixty's I knew a guy that worked for shell research. They would have test cars and run it extremely way past its recommended change intervals and he told me back then already that oil does not wear out it only gets dirty and looses its additives. Back then it was recommended that you change oil filters every second oil change and he said that philosophy was actually backwards that the filter should be changed every so many miles and the oil changed every second or third filter change. Based on what he told me I would change my filters at regular intervals adding oil as needed and
  6. That was timely! I just got everything loosened & ready to pull, but no go. Figured I missed a step in the process and came to the computer to review. Yeah, that throttle cable....
  7. OK So I thought I'd register to bid on the Mecum sitr. The first part was OK, but then they wanted to know what kind of tooth brush I used I said screw it and went else where... Thought I'd get OK'd for the Las Vegas auction, but now I'm gonna keep my millions...
  8. My first car was a '53 Ford 2-door. Kinda in that mint green color. Hated it. After doing some leading and Bondo work I took it down to a local body shop to be painted metallic white. Fords white was a off brown white unlike Chevy's blue white. The painter couldn't find a metallic so he said he had a can of black metallic that he could add to the base. I agreed. What I ended up with was an off white grey in the shade and it would blow your eye-balls out in the sun... I loved it. Always wanted to do another but never had the occasion.. I also did a frame off restoration of a '69 H
  9. I had mine done and had a front tire installed, the whole cost was close to 1700 it was the 16000 mile service. Come to find out no the valves did not need to be adjusted. If I recall correctly, Long Haul Paul had his checked at 50,000 and they were fine he hasn't had it done since had over 100,000 on it the last I heard.
  10. I did mine at 15,000 miles. The job is not as bad as you think. The front coil bracket must be removed to remove the front valve cover. I can be a pain to get access to the front screw. I used a 1/4 inch drive ext about 16 inches long and and came down from the top by the handlebars. I put a little tape on hex socket for a tight fit otherwise screw will come off and good luck trying to find it. There is a procedure for draining the tank in the service manual. Follow it. The whole job took me about 8 hrs. Should be alot less next time. A lot of work just to find out the valves di
  11. As a precursor to this wildly debated opinion that I have lived my motorcycling career by,, most untrained/self taught backyard mechanic/bike builders-restorers-olxd school riders (my self included) have referred to motorcycles with clutches and trannies that share the same oil with their engines crank/valve train have always been referred to as "Unit" constructed,, bikes that have seperate clutch/trannie oil baths from that of the crank/valve train have always been referred to as "Pre-Unit".. At a price in $$$'s, Synthetic Oils have always been promoted as lubes that easily double,, often t
  12. I could be wrong here but for myself I prefer to run the non-synthetic oil. It my do a better job of lubricating but I find my engine/lifters sound a lot noisier with synthethec. I suspect it has to do with the difference in cushioning effect between Dino oil and synthetic. Just IMHO the engine seems to run quieter with dino oil and like I said I could be way out to lunch on this
  13. I ran Wally Worlds cheap non synthetic "Supertech" in my 1st Gens for 100's of thousands of miles thru the years and was always impressed with the stuff.. Never an issue,, I never had a catastrophic failure on any of them and always ended up getting well over 200k miles out of the bikes before I retired em and this was bikes that either came to me with 2nd gear missing or had the second gear fail while I was riding it.. Of course, as you know,, the loss of 2nd gear failing had absolutely nothing to do with the cheap oil - just saying that cause some reader that knows nothing of the 1st Gen 2nd
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