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  • Welcome to VentureRider.  What started as a simple site for riders of the Yamaha Venture, Royal Star, Royal Star Venture and the Star Venture has turned into so much more than that.  Though the great Yamaha Venture motorcycles are still our primary focus, we have many members who have eventually moved on to other brands/models or who have stopped riding altogether but still remain members dud to the lifelong friendships they have made on this site.  

    Whether you have questions about your bike, looking for parts, or just wanting to talk motorcycles and riding, this is the place to be.  Our members are friendly and welcoming to all.  My name is Don, Freebird in the forums, and I started this site around 15 or so years ago.  I have met many of our members at our various rallies and meets and some I only know from their posts here on the site but am proud to call them friends, brothers, sisters.  I like to think of this as our club, not MY club.  I try hard to implement features that the members request.  It's not always possible but I do try.

    This is a subscription based club.  You can read messages in most cases but can't post, search, and etc. without becoming a supporting member.  We do offer a free 2 month trial however so you are welcome to check us out before paying the small $12.00 per year dues.  Upon expiration of your trial membership, you will lose the ability to post messages.  At that time, you can click on "Store" and then "Subscriptions" if you wish to continue.  We hope you like what you find here.  We have few rules but the major ones are no religious debate, no political debate, and no "X" rated content, nudity, dirty jokes, etc.  We are a family oriented club so please keep things PG or at least PG-13 rated.

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    • Sure glad I came across these tire pressure sensors. Anyone have any other jewels on their bike they want to share that add as much value as these TPS do? I will be happy to get it and do a review.


    • Had the 130 on my 2007 RSV for 6 years and would never go back. The difference in low speed handling and lightness of the steering in twisties is nothing short of amazing. In a high cross wind the 150 makes the bike feel like it is solid and only requires on hand on the bars. Same wind with 130 front and it takes two hands. Riding with 150 and hands off I was able to ride for miles without touching the bars, with 130 I need to keep one hand on the bars ( which I should be anyway! ) One time when my wife was on the back I rested one elbow on her knee like usual on long freeway stretches. This time after a few minutes  ( when I had the 150) I rested my other elbow on her other knee - no hands. Took her about 10 seconds to communicate her displeasure, but the bike was tracking like a Tesla on autopilot. When riding solo, I would be hands off for long periods. Not so at all with the 130.

      With the 150 front at the end of 30 miles of twisties your arms will be pumped. with the 130- at the end of 30 miles of twisties you will be wanting more twisties.



    • Rest up.   Try to find some distractions so you won't focus on the pain....Weak advice, but it's all I got.

      Hope you find some comfort soon.😢

    • I find that the Shinko 777s  holds air better than any other tire that I've owned. 

    • I've always like Keanu, it's good to see he's a rider like us.

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