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  • Welcome to VentureRider.  What started as a simple site for riders of the Yamaha Venture, Royal Star, Royal Star Venture and the Star Venture has turned into so much more than that.  Though the great Yamaha Venture motorcycles are still our primary focus, we have many members who have eventually moved on to other brands/models or who have stopped riding altogether but still remain members dud to the lifelong friendships they have made on this site.  

    Whether you have questions about your bike, looking for parts, or just wanting to talk motorcycles and riding, this is the place to be.  Our members are friendly and welcoming to all.  My name is Don, Freebird in the forums, and I started this site around 15 or so years ago.  I have met many of our members at our various rallies and meets and some I only know from their posts here on the site but am proud to call them friends, brothers, sisters.  I like to think of this as our club, not MY club.  I try hard to implement features that the members request.  It's not always possible but I do try.

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    • I have found that at minus 10 degrees  , no wind and a dry road a 15 - 20 minute ride beats sitting in the coffee shop talking about a bike ride ... But I did stop in at coffee shop after the ride to warm up with a hot drink ..And besides that a ride down the road even on a cool day like does the bike a lot of good  ....It will equalize the electrical system on the bike ...When a engine sits all winter the gaskets sometimes begin to leak ..


    • On 6/13/2021 at 11:08 AM, VentureFar said:

      Excellent write up. Thanks for sharing.
      Just curious why you didn’t jump to  a helmet mounted Bluetooth communications system from Sena or Cardo to connect your phone and Zumo and passenger ?

      I have posted several of my Sena and Cardo reviews on this forum  and yes you lose the fun of saying “breaker breaker I am putting the hammer down” on your CB but you can still listen to them.


      Just scored a XT for $50 out of pocket between holiday sale and my company Atta’boy points.  I’ve been wanting one for a while now and even used one (may have been the 396) riding a friends bike over the summer when visiting out of state.  Excited to receive it and see how I can connect it.  I’m hoping to do similar and connect to a Bluetooth receiver to play through speakers.  VentureFar I personally don’t want music pumped direct into my ears, I find it distracting and would rather hear traffic and engine noise.  Intercom is ok,

    • I’ve only used my heated grips once and wowww!  What do you have going for a seat?

    • Thanks. That makes me feel better as my speedo is also off by 10kph it seems on average. Annoying but I guess I'll have to live with it. I am disappointed that the GPS speed indicated is not satellite calculated as one woukd expect. 

    • 16 hours ago, graeme morris said:

      CIMMER. done what you suggested and observing the piston and needle it appears to be spitting back thru the front right carb so im gonna take them back off and inspect again . any suggestions before hand ?. cheers Rick

      I would go along with what @Marcarl since carbs do not cause spitting back. Before pulling the carbs out. If its spitting back up the carb this suggests that the cylinder is drawing fuel in but during compression the intake valve is not sealing allowing the fuel to spit back out through carb. This can be caused by a sticking valve. Sticky valves can be caused by a bent stem or extremely dirty valve. Often this can be determined by noticing the valve clearance being exceptionally high. Valve clearances that are too tight can keep valves from fully seating. A broken or cracked valve or seat. Much of this can be determined by a compression but better yet pin pointed more accurately performing a leak down test. .

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