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Thanks for the add.

While I'm new to the group, I'm not new to Yamaha. I have owned a Virago, two Ventures and recently purchased a 98 RSTD.

The bike sat for 8 years and I'm just the 3rd owner. The person I bought it from owned it for 18 years. 

I replaced the battery, new tires, cleaned the carbs, oil and filter and cleaned the air filter.

The bike still backfires despite many attemps to set air-fuel mix...that's one issue, but now the new promblem.

I was out for a boot today and at highway speed, the bike quit.

After several tries and letting it sit for a few minutes, it started and I headed home and, yep, it quit again.

It was like the gas just quit flowing to the carbs.

So what should I be looking for?

Much thanks in advance. 

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Check the fuel pump and the fuel filter. The fuel pump should come on when the ignition is first turned on, there should be several noticeable clicks as the pump pressurizes the system.  

When the bike dies on the road, open the gas cap and listen for any sound like air rushing into the tank, that would indicated the vent tube is clogged. Sometimes when bikes sit for a long time, critters can make nests in the vent tube and plug it up causing there to be a vacuum in the tank that will prevent the fuel from flowing out. 


Also check the electrical module on the back of the ignition switch, they have been known to over heat and go bad. 

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