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2006 Royal Star Tour Deluxe 1300 ( valve adj. tool)

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Dear Venture Riders. I own a 2006 Royal Star Tour Deluxe 1300. I ran a valve clearance check on bike yesterday. I found 2 intake valves set at a tight 0.004. Service manual reads (0.004- 0.006) for intake valves. My Yamaha Dealer tells me the valve adjust tool is no longer available. Will the tool I see on e-bay (YM- 04105) work? I f not I need y'alls help on what to do. Also where do I get bucket shims at? As always, thanks for all y'alls help.   HARLER 

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I apologize for being late to the party! Thanks Ronnie for the "Props" on the Shim Kit Loan. 

Hey Charles, I loan out my Shop Shim Kit with a set of Brand New, Genuine Yamaha Valve Cover Gaskets, the Bucket Shim Tool, and an assortment of about 80 Bucket Shims. You get all of this for $95.00 and you pay the return shipping when you finish with the shim kit. (Apporx. $20.00)

Let Me know if I can help,


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