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Neede: 1988 Venture Royal 1300 Stator Cover

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Hi, I'm in desperate need of the stator cover for my 1988 Venture Royale. It's damaged slightly on the back side of the cover and the gasket won't seal it, oil all over my shoes and side of the bike. Who's got one for me? Bonus points for SE Minnesota, but shipping from almost anywhere is cool. I'm excited to get on the bike now that the weather is finally nice 😉 

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Hi Freebird, thanks for the reply! The example you sent is actually the clutch cover, not the stator cover. I know because I bought the wrong one already 🤦. The stator cover has a similar round area, but has a larger point.


There was one single stator cover on eBay recently, but the seller wouldn't send me a photo of the inside of the cover even after two requests and an offer. 🤷 I'll keep looking! If anybody has one at home that's not on eBay, please let me know! Thanks.



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