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Trailer tire pressure and other advice


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I've got the cyclemate cm2000. I can't seem to find any info on what pressure to use in the tires. Internet is telling me to run at the tires max psi, but the idea of running a trailer with 60 psi in the tires makes me think it's going to bounce all over the place. 

Also, is there any advice anyone can give on pulling a trailer with my RSV? How will it change the handling? Is there anything I need to look out for? 

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Load the trailer with what you would normally load it with for use. Now attach the trailer to your bike and roll it's wheel across a wet spot. Check the tracking left by the tires. The whole tire should contact the road. Adjust accordingly.

Difference? Longer stopping, wider corners, more air in the shock, slower reaction time. If trailer is properly loaded and balanced (10-15% of trailer weight on the hitch) there should be no issue, but if not expect lots of wiggle (controls the bike) and on a hard stop the trailer might even try to pass the bike and then take it along for a dump.
That all might sound scary, but if done right you'll hardly notice.

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