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When The Wife asks "Why there's another motorcycle in the garage?


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14 hours ago, uncledj said:

What....That?......That's been there for 3 months.....I'm sure I've told you about it....

Might be an easy way to get hit by a cooking pan on the head.  

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On 9/7/2023 at 5:51 AM, Du-Rron said:

@djh3 I am a stealing this one. 😁

Yea I picked up over on the Victory site. Reminded me of a joke from many years back when I bought a Vette. Went something like Got a good deal on a Vette only paid XXX. Dozen roses to break news to wife X. Dinner when took wife for ride in said car XX. New scarf, sunglass XX and so on so the total went up. 

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