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Parting out an '86.

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I'm reluctantly parting out a '86 Royal.  I was going to restore it but I'm looking down 70 years old and I have a nice '83 .  Trunk, bags and side covers seem in fair/good shape.  Front end fairing is not as good, but parts of it are..  Has a class unit, TCI, CB, all those cruse control bits.  Bike has 125k miles so the carbs need more than a casual cleaning.  I'm running off with the coils and some other bits.  The balance will go to the dump.   Color is blue/black.  I just started taking it apart.  It might be a bit in the summer heat to get to a part but I will.  Rust might be an issue. Shoot me a note for what you need.  Shipping is from the east coast USA. 

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