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Ontario get together


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Had a good time yesterday, grocery shopping in the morning, met with a motley bunch for coffee and ice cream, went for a ride, had a nap and then spent the evening at  a tractor truck pull. Thanks for all the pictures Phil, helps to keep memories alive. Good to see all you guys, even though I don't have a deep tan.

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Yes it was certainly a great time yesterday. It's been a while since we got together as a group and I am so glad that we did even though we were just a small group. Carl leading Phil and myself on a nice ride was a nice cap to the whole event and then finished off by Carl and I going to the Tractor Pull in Norwich after which I rode home solo from Carl's and decided to take the back roads home which turned into a nice ride as well. All in all one heck of a great day except for a burnt skull. The one time I didn't have a hat and I am sitting in the bleachers being roasted by the Sun acquiring a nice bright red cap.

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1 hour ago, Marcarl said:

Sept 30th, in the year 2023.

Now it needs to be decided: an all day ride? 8am to 9pm? / Half day 9-3\4pm, / two hour ride from 11-2 with lunch?, / evening ride from 7-8? / sunrise 6-7 am?

Ok, so I was just told that we have a grandson being married that day, so for me it won't work out unless it's a sunrise ride, and then only a maybe.

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On 9/8/2023 at 5:24 PM, sleepy2 said:

How does Sept.23rd sound to everyone

23 would be ify for me it would depend on how early my in laws leave that day to go home to St Louis as it stands 30th  works best for me 7th may be a possibility if I don't head to St Louis that day. More than likely  I probably won't l leave until somewhere between the 9th and the 14th

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A half or full day ride on a weekend would be good by me. I’ll try and be there if I’m around. Also trying to plan a bike trip with my sister so I’m being non committal  at this time but would like to go, Nothing better than a warm fall day with the leaves  changing to be out in the bike,



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On 9/11/2023 at 8:26 AM, Marcarl said:

So it looks like the 7th, if the weather holds. 9am start, 6pm back home.
Now all that needs to be figured out is the whereabouts.
North past Orangeville?
East into Niagara?
West to Huron?
South to the lake and back?

Starting point ?

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