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Venture Max HD Build


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Hi Everyone

My Createx paint Arrived on Thursday I am not ready to spray yet but decided to have a change of pace on the bike.

Got out of work early on Friday and Got to work on setting up a portion of my old Portable garage frame inside my garage covered it in Plastic to make myself a Paint booth. added some LED lights and a couple small exhaust fans and I can paint when I am ready .

I started looking at all the plastics and making the various Crack repairs with the plastic welder removed all the Badges and bolt on components to prepare all the pieces for painting Got most of that done on Saturday along with some side panel modifications.

Finished cleaning up and painting the last of the Frame components these are the  Rails below the seat and the two Frame sides that has the original Muffler Mounts Repainted the Black but ran out of the Cast Iron Paint that will cover the Aluminum portions I will post those pics after they are fully painted.

Repaired and Painted the 2 fairing Top panels I had a can of Automotive Black Trim paint so I used that for the panels.

Received my new Mirrors and screwed them onto the New Master Cylinders on the Handlebars.

Found all kinds of Cracks in the Trunk and stitched it all back together with the plastic welder next steps with the Plastics is to make up a slurry using scrape pieces of ABS and Acetone and use this to fill all the stitched areas.

The list is getting shorter but all time consuming Items rebuild calipers install with new hoses and Bleed. Install upper Clutch Hose Bleed and test along with Installing the Forward control shifter and Linkage . Finish wiring all the handlebar controls. Build the Throttle Cables and Install. Finish putting together the Rear subframe components and Saddlebag brackets. Install the Mufflers. Install the inner Fairing walls.

Get all Plastics and Body parts prepped for paint.....Paint.....re-assemble.

as always a few Pics to look at

Have a great nite
















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Hi Everyone

Work on the Bike is going slow and steady. I am into all the time consuming details Wiring rebuild of all calipers, repairing all the plastics and getting them prepared for paint. I am shooting for the May 20 weekend to spray the paint.

I have replaced the old exhausted Desiccant beads and re-installed the Compressor and re-attached all the air lines. I still need to pull apart the Class controller to resolder the connections.  I have the Right hand side controls all wired up just need to complete the left side. Still need to pull out the Dash to jump out the Lighting alarms for the LED bulbs.

With only 40 or so days til Laconia I am very much in a time crunch getting the bike done so I am hoping to get the paint done then Finish up the rest of the Items before re-installing all the plastics.

Not much update for pictures so i will leave it at this for tonight.

have a good nite all




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Hi Everyone

Made more headway on the build. I am working on a bit of everything as time permits in the evenings and put a few hours in this weekend. 

I was held up on completing the Calipers as I ran out of the Cast Iron paint and it appears it has been a popular color since no one in in Town had it in stock I managed to find some at Napa and they had to bring it in from Montreal. I picked up the can Friday and Sprayed the Calipers and the four rear brackets.

I build the new Throttle Cables and installed them along with the new grips. Installed the new Russell Brake and Clutch hoses. picked up some Wire clamps and used these for the Hose and Throttle cable Management as well as the Spark plug wires it looks neater than the Wire loom I had on the Plug wires.

Finished patching up the Fairing halves with my homemade ABS filler made up of acetone and ABS chunks (found the recipe in an old post from saddlebum) it works really good at bonding and filling. It is sandable but seems harder than the original plastic.

Installed the Brackets on the Rear and also installed the saddlebag brackets and mounted the mufflers and Clamped them no leaks on the exhaust and it sounds really good.

Put together all 3 calipers and mounted them on the Bike and connected all the hoses and installed the speed bleeders now just need to bleed them all.

Started sanding all the plastic pieces and got through about half the parts I am hoping to finish all the sanding over the next couple nights and Plan on spraying some paint this coming weekend.

I mounted the Inner Fairing on the left side so I can finally mount the new fuse box and Ignition Module. since I am not putting the factory radio back in there is all kinds of room in here for these 2 Items along with the relays I need to install due to me changing the controls.

It is starting  to look like a bike again I will likely go over the entire bike to make a list of what is left to do or what I missed.

I have attached pictures of the progress.

Good Nite all













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Good Morning Herman,

I just wanted to take a moment and personally Thank You, my friend for documenting this build for the Forum Members! While NOT everyone has the ability to dive in as deep as you have on your custom build Herman, I am hoping that this build will inspire the other Forum Members to work on their own bikes to keep them on the road! I find myself checking the Forum daily to see what headway you have made on your latest project. I am excited to hear this bike run, and drive in the near future. Keep up the "Good Work" Herman, I'm sure you will be putting on the miles very shortly!

Great Job, Sir!!


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Thanks Earl

You and I have chatted on this Build over the past couple years; as I was building up parts to move forward on this build and I appreciate your Knowledge on these Bikes.

For the most part it is turning out how I envisioned but like any project changes occur because either they just do not fit (with torches grinders and welders you can always make it fit  LOL) usually it does not fit aesthetically and sticks out like a sore thumb so you have to adjust so everything looks right .

The key things on this build I was aiming for are in this order Safety ; Reliability ; and then enhance on the classic style that was already ahead of its time ; and of course Functionality.

I have had positive feedback from many members and appreciate the nice comments as it reinforces that I am moving in the right direction with the built I thank you all.

So you want to hear it running; click on the attached video Clip I toke tonight just to post here.

Enjoy and have a good evening



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Hi Everyone

Finally spraying the paint, late nite last night,IMG_3332.thumb.JPG.a3972137ea1e2e59313bad5a512012f8.JPGIMG_3332.thumb.JPG.a3972137ea1e2e59313bad5a512012f8.JPG I had all the pieces ready to spray in the paint booth only got the primer coat on last nite but it all looks good, I went a bit heavy on the first coat due to not having the gun set correctly and ended up with a couple runs, finished up the second coat and let it dry overnite.

I was able to knock down the couple runs with a bit of wet sanding with 1000 so i am good to add color today.

I will post additional pics tonite.










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Hi Everyone

Worked all day painting the parts, first step after the primer is 4 coats of Createx Hod Rod Sparkle red,  Then applied 1 coat of Createx Blood red Candy 2o to bring out the red,  I will apply a second coat of red tomorrow, followed by a a coat of Black Candy2o to Blacken out the red, so in daylight Color is Red Metallic and at night it will appear to be red.

The first 7 pictures are the Hot rod sparkle red the remaining 6 pictures are with 1 coat of the blood red.

More Pictures tomorrow


















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Hi Everyone

Second coat of Blood red Candy went on this morning this really brought out the dark Cherry color, then the Final coat of Black Candy went on tonight to bring out the Final color of Black Cherry.

next step to Buff with 1000 to knock down some dust bumps then apply 2 coats of 2K clear.

more pictures to come once the clear is on













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Hi Everyone

Here is the finished Paint with 2k Clear, I am very pleased with the end result, I have included pics of the Paint used as well as the 2K Clear.

The finished paint color is called Murdered Black Cherry Candy and originally demonstrated on Createx You tube Channel by Chris Arpin from Createx, he is a very good presenter and explains the steps and procedures very well.

I will be continuing the Re-assembly this weekend and hoping to have it completed next weekend.

More pictures and updates as I work at this project 

Good Night all










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Hi Everyone

It is starting to look whole again, My Buddy Brian was over on Saturday to assist with the Brake bleeding as well as the clutch, all is bled and functional and no leaks.

We also did the final adjustment of the Handlebars.

I completed all the wiring and built a mount for the Rear Brake switch for the new Forward control brake peddle, while Brian re-assembled the Jigsaw puzzle of the Trunk and the saddlebags .

After Brian left I continued to Work on getting the Fairing installed and the Front Fender, my LED headlight was covered in minor scratches from being moved around the shop so I gave it a wet sand with 5000 then sprayed on some gloss clear.

After getting the fairing done the Signal Lights were sticking out like sore thumbs, I temporarily covered these with some Limo Black Tint (too dark) so I am gonna spray some Black Candy since it goes on transparent this way I can control the Tint level The Lights are still fairly Bright even with the heavy Limo tint so somewhere in between should suffice just to blend them in with the Black Cherry.

Brian and I are set to work at the Bike tomorrow after work, so we should be able get the rest of the Bike together and knock a few more items off the completion List.

More pictures and updates as I work at this project 

Good Night all








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