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Wives are so smart!

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This really happened.  My wife has been a nurse a long time and specializes in being a surgical nurse.  We decided at one time to take the opportunity for me to get my Master's degree in counseling.  One class was in Family Therapy and part of a big assignment was to ask friends some questions about being married.  If that was not an option we could use our spouse.  At this point my friends were avoiding me because I was asking too many questions.  So one evening were sitting down, she was reading a paper.  I decided to ask her the questions for the school assignment but do it in a way she would not know, or so I thought.  I hid the questions in a book and after a few minutes it went something like this.  Me - Can you believe we have made it this many years being married.  Her - Sure.  (She never looked up from her paper or even pretended to pay attention to what I was saying.)  Me - Most never make it this far.  Her - Nope.  Me - Many marriages don't make it this far.  Her - OK.  (Now was my opening.)  Me - So on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, how do you think we are doing?  Her without looking up - Honey I love you but I will make a deal with you.  You stop playing counselor with me and I promise not to do surgery on you while you sleep.  I put the questions up then because somehow that sounded as fair a deal as I was going to get.

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