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1993 XVZ13DEC Regulator / Rectifier question? and chipped cracked flywheel magnets

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Hello Gentlemen, I have a fried coil set on my stator, I ordered an new one plus R/R from ebay. The one I have on the bike is the newer or upgraded version, without the brown battery sensing wire. The one that came in the mail has the brown wire. My question is: Can I use this new R/R with the brown wire, or do I need to buy the correct R/R? 

Flywheel magnets are chipped, someone before me dug the stainless cover over the magnets, that aids in oil cooling the stator. out of the flywheel. Some of the magnets are chipped on the outer edge, and one is cracked through the center, across the rotation angle. Can I get buy with this flywheel (short term) or do I need to replace it now.

I would appreciate input from one of you guys with more experience on the Venture, thank you for your help and patience with an old dinosaur.



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Based on the schematic below that brown wire is ignition power to the R/R. This would definitely need to be connected. The other one may have been an aftermarket and not have needed the brown  because it was what we refer to as self exiting it would sense a voltage output from the stator to turn itself on were the one with the brown wire would require input from the ignition switch to turn itself on. 

https://www.venturerider.org/wiring/90-93 Yamaha Venture DA Simplified Circuit Diagram Rev C.pdf

As far as the cracked magnets in the flywheel are concerned I would replace it the chipped ones may not present much of a problem but the cracked one most likely will in time if it hasn't already. So while you have it apart replace it. Replace the stainless cover and If you can find an oil/stator cooling kit for it get one. It may save your stator from early failure specially if you have added extra lights etc. to the bike. The part number for the kit if you can still find it is 90891-30014 stator coil oil cooling kit . the kit includes items 8,9and 15 from the drawing below and the flange bolt part number 90105-12374-00 not shown. this bolt has a hole in it were item 15 resides. 


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Thank you Saddlebum, My 93 has the stator cooling assy installed from the factory. My RR is not equipped with the brown wire nor is my wiring harness. So that means I bought the wrong one on ebay. That's my own ignorance as this is my first experience with a Venture Royal (silly me). Based on what you just educated me on the brown wire, I have two choices: !. rig a temporary wire up to the ignition switch (until I can get the correct one ordered) or ; 2. just buy the correct one and be done with it, might as well go with the later because I should really change out the flywheel. I just bought the bike from a guy and it's registration is expired, I'm currently in Oregon and want to ride the bike home to Wyoming before the snow flies. I'm getting a little cramped for time on that, I want to get the old girl running and get it registered and new plates at home, then head back to a milder climate to finish repairing Her. I will replace the flywheel with the magnets and hopefully with an unmolested stainless splash plate, but was hoping to cut corners to save time. On the other hand I don't need to be repairing it alongside the road between here and there. Thank you Sir for you help and education I really appreciate it, Thank you again.

Respectfully; Braun.

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When getting a new stator for a 90 - 93 Venture Royale, you need to make sure it is for those years of bikes. The 83-89 Ventures use a different stator and ignition system than the 90-93 do and will not work properly in the 90-93 Ventures. The difference is that the earlier models use an analog system and the 90-93 use a digital system.  If you looks at the parts diagrams from Yamaha, you will see they carry different parts numbers and that is a good indication they parts are not interchangeable.

I hope this helps.

Rick F.

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