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1st Gen Stator Help

Guest Lyle D

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Guest Lyle D

I recently found out that my Stator is bad. I have a new high-output stator and rectifier, but I am not sure about the install. I have not found the manual very helpful in the removal or installation of these parts either. I am worried that this is a little beyond my repair abilities and was hoping to find some pictures that walk you through the process. Anyone have any ideas?


Lyle Donnelson :bobby:

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Here is a link to my recent stator problem. Lots of good advice.




You will also need 2 gaskets and I got them here:


3jp-15451-00-0 3jp-14461-00-00


You should also have gotten some instructions with your stator on how to install. I changed my oil and filter at the same time because you will lose some oil.

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Lyle, it is not really a difficult process.

i just had my stator cover off a couple of weeks ago , to do a starter clutch replacement.



you have to start, by removing the shifter, at the linkage.

remove the stator cover bolts, being careful not to lose the copper washer, that is on the very bottom bolt.

(in fact, in hindsight, remove this bolt FIRST, with a drain pan underneath, it will drain about 2 cups of oil out of the case.)

after you get the stator cover off, remove the cover directly to the rear of it.

the stator magnets have a very strong pull, and you tend to think, that the cover is being held on ,by something else.

when you get the stator cover off, the actual stator is held in place by screws around the outside edge.

from there, you can readily see the fix.

if i can be of anymore help. just holler.

just jt

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Like a lot of things you do for the first time it seems daunting, but once you get into it you realize it's not all that difficult to accomplish.


I might add: when I replaced the stator a few months ago I discovered upon re-assembly that the new unit was not quite as thick in the middle; after I installed the stator it did not tighten down correctly using the old bolts. Accordingly, I chose to obtain new (slightly shorter) bolts so the old ones would not crack through the housing.



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My stator mounting screws inside had what appeared to be Red Loctite on them didnt realize this and broke the head off of the screw and had to drill out the rest. You have to use some heat to loosen them but be careful the cover is aluminum. I dont know if the stators oringinally came this way or not.

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Shots of my stator jobs from last year are here:




Incidently, the aftermarket stator I bought from RMStator (who resell product from electrosport) only lasted a month under not such heavy use commuting 80 miles to work each day.


Electrosport honoured the warranty OK, but it took a month round trip. My bike would have been out of action all that time had I not had a used $15 ebay OEM one on hand to drop in while I waited. The ebay OEM one still in service today and the electrosport is on the shelf still in its box. Its available to any one who wants it for say $100 but I don't really recommend it. I'd go OEM if I had to do this again, or should I say when I have to do this again.


The job is not too bad, having done it twice now, but not something I'd do for fun. There were some fitment issues as others here have spoken of. I had to get shorter bolts and the wiring harness didn't come off the coil in the right direction so I had to get creative there too. Nothing too big of a deal, but when they sell you something that is supposed to be a drop in replacement, I am disappointed by such short comings and time wasters.



Good luck, you can do it!




Brian H

Toronto Ont

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I have a 1983 venture royale, and I'm having trouble removing the stator cover because of the gear shaft. How do you tackle this part? Do you take the gear shaft cylinder out, or are you able to slide the stator cover off from the gear shaft? Please help.

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