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Vento, V Thunder 250 project


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I picked up a 2005 Vento, V Thunder 250 for my wife as her first bike. She wants to learn to ride and she loves wrenching as much as I do. We got this for next to nothing as it needs some work to be road able.




It's an interesting bike. Built around the Yamaha XV 250 from the Virago and Route 66 models. Made in Texas from mostly imported parts, some Yamaha, some Honda and even some Harley stuff. They are no longer in production. The engine will be no problem as there is a plethora of information and parts available from multiple sources.


I have found break pads and a little information about the calipers but I cannot find any real technical info on the chassis. I had hoped to find there was a cult following of these bikes, and there does appear to be a pretty big following in Mexico and South America, but nothing really to be found anywhere else. Some youtube videos, all in spanish about exhaust mods to make it sound like a Harley but nothing at all on routine maintenance.


We started tearing it down yesterday and found there is no fuse panel and only a main fuse inline. We also found the rear brake rotor is making contact with the caliper mounting adapter, It looks to me like a spacer was left out or put in the wrong pace in the wheel stack up.


The fuel pump and carburetor were plumbed completely wrong. The good news is the ignition system seems to be OK at the least as it would fire and run on ether.


We are contemplating stripping the wiring completely and making our own harness as I cannot find any wiring diagram anywhere to suss out what should be there that isn't.


I'd sure appreciate any helpful advice in the wiring area as I have, to date never wired a bike up from scratch. Any other advice would be appreciated as well.


The end goal is to make this look like a 1950s Harley Davidson.

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I was unexpectedly sent out to Connecticut for a few weeks so Kris is on her own working on her bike.


Here's what it looks like today.


Vento cricket.jpg


She's got most of the obstructions stripped away and is working on developing a wiring diagram. We can't find one that is completely accurate anywhere.


Before I left, I was able to get the fuel system re-plumbed and the bike fired up and ran as well as could be expected with the exhaust removed. Everything else is really cosmetic at this point.

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WOWZY WOW WOW WOW KRIS = :You_Rock_Emoticon::You_Rock_Emoticon::You_Rock_Emoticon::You_Rock_Emoticon::You_Rock_Emoticon::You_Rock_Emoticon::You_Rock_Emoticon::sign woo hoo: = :sign Rock On::sign Rock On::sign Rock On::sign Rock On::sign Rock On: Sister!!!!!!

Rich, I cant help but wonder if a schematic for 250 Yam may not be of some assistance to her.. Looks like a neat scoot to start out on IMHO.. I think I would check and make sure sprockets, carb parts (is it a CV carb?) and maybe Ignition boxes are still available for it and if so,, I wouldnt be afraid to run the socks off the little critter:sign bring it on:!!!

:ice_congrats-vi6886 to the both of you but double that :ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886 to your precious bride!! HAVE FUN KRIS!!:thumbsup:

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It's a single CV carb, vacuum operated fuel pump and external petcock. The sprockets look decent, the chain is pretty rusty but I think it's salvageable.


All the engine, carb, transmission parts are readily available as they are from the '99('98?) to 2007 Virago 250. A new aftermarket carb can be had for $20.00, OEM for $60.00+/-.


I've already ordered a new speedo cable, tail light/ turn signal assembly and AGM battery for the project. Next will be a running light bar for the front.

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No new pics as the little guy still looks exactly like the last pic.


We did get a driving light bar, Tomb Stone tail light, rear turn signals, new hand controls, including a clutch perch w/ clutch interlock switch(which was not present originally) and a new front break lever w/MC.


Kris is getting the wiring in order and I'm working on modifying the control pods. We could not find controls for 1" bars that had a single indicator switch in the left pod anywhere so I ordered a set for 7/8" bars and machined the "journals" to fit the 1" bars. Now I'm working making the throttle cable fit properly.


Now I need to track down caliper rebuild kits for the Honda Rebel calipers and see if Earl will make us up some new brake lines.


Then we need to start fixing the tins, most of which are actually plastic and getting them ready for paint. I'm thinking metallic emerald green and cream in a classic FLH two tone scheme.

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I just picked one of these up. Had been sitting for 4 yrs with gas in it. Needless to say the carb is all gummed up and while it will run it wont allow me to throttle. I notice u said that the virago carbs worked so i guess i was wondering if they did or not

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