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What did you do to your venture today?


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Just a thread for anyone to pop in and show and tell what you've been working on.


The RSV clear coat was badly sunburned, peeling with areas of corroded aluminum. I started the day by doing a steering bearing snug up which is it's own story, I now have decent sized hole in my chin, But after that I pulled the front wheel worked out a small dent in the fender and stripped and brush\polished the fork lowers and wheel. 4" blue dico wheel in a $5 garage sale drill. then blue magic on a buffing wheel in the same drill.

forks are done but ran out of light while working the wheel. Also spent a quality hour straightening radiator fins where some PO had "cleaned" it with a power washer :doh:.......



rsv 006.JPGrsv 007.JPGrsv 004.jpg

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A couple years ago Tweeks (our 83 that we retired this spring with well over 300k miles on her) got caught in strong south by southwest by westernly wind while Tip, Tweeks and I were out goofing off. Tweeks ended up hauling us out to see Mt. Saint Helens via The Dalles Oregon Rally via Frisco via Nellis Air Base via The Grand Canyon Via Jerome Az via Big Bend NP via The Alamo via Squids house for a Stator Update and sleep over via BikerJohns house for a sleep over (we always sleep in our tent but Squid and John would have no part of that) via Route 66 via Chicago where I still believe is where those high winds originated.


While on that ride we visited The Jelly Belly Factory in California (hey,, we are older people,, we can visit Jelly Belly if we want).. WE HAD A BALL!! I ate so many Jelly Belly jelly beans I thought I was gonna turn into one:buttkick::banana:.. Did you know they have jelly belly beans that taste like pencil lead or skunk smell or vomit? I digress..

They gave us each a bakers hat with "Jelly Belly" on it so I got one for Tweeks. We stopped at a Wally World and I bought some super glue, took my knife and cut out the Jelly Belly emblem on the hat and stuck it on Tweeks dash!:Cartoon_397::680:


Fast forward to this spring when our new bike - Tweeks sister - needed a heart transplant and Tweeks donated her heart (carbs).. Tweeks always loved to hear me sing Willie Nelson songs to her while we were riding and one of her favorites was "All Of Me" - you know = allll of me,, why not take allll of me,,,,, you took the part, that once was my heart,,, so why not take alll of me... While I had her under the knife I found myself singing her favorite song to her.. I promised Tweeks I would do all I could to fulfill the promise found in one of her favorite songs and have been little by little making progress in keeping that promise..

Tweeks dash was in really really bad shape - she had been completely inverted once on a mountain in Utah which really messed her up so swapping dashes was out.. That gorgeous Jelly Belly momento was gonna have to find another way to find it's way aboard Tweeksis (Tweeks Sister). Today I found just the answer.. I took my 4 inch side winder and cut the Jelly Belly off the dash!!! I then trimmed it up and re-attached it on Tweeksis with the Dash backing behind it!!

After completing that project Tweeksis talked me into taking her for a ride to show off her new addition.. Tip (my wife) dont take to kindly to Tweeksis and I pulling out of the garage without her sitting behind me.. Right after we pulled out of the driveway a strong South Easterly wind came up from Chicago and Tweeksis got caught in it and we soon found ourselves half way across Northern Michigan in a little town called Wiedman where my Puc's MGnEM staff happen to be waiting for us to discuss the possibility for an upcoming Rally. While we were there we had Hot Dogs and tater chips AND,, get this,, we even got a couple more Red White and Blue sets of Beads for Tweeks trunk rack!

Thats what I did to and for my bike today = the end!





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Spent some time sweating in the Garage today her in Arizona....106F outside but 350F in the un-aircondition garage!


My right knee don't bend as much as it used to, so I installed a set of floorboards on my bike AZZI today. Hauled those boards all the way from Canada...customs officers got a little suspicious and opened my bag up during the flight and proceeded to lose a bolt and c clip during their "Inspection" of the dangerous bag filled with Yamaha Venture floor board parts!:doh:


Anyway, got them installed and now my knee can stretch out a bit. By the way, a big shout out to @paysaw for selling me the set of floor boards as well as sending me pictures so I could figure out how to install them! Thanks Buddy!:clap2:



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I looked at my bike and decided to give it a bath. So I rolled it out of the shed into the middle of the back yard, and wouldn't you know, that silly bike is still afraid of water. It took off down the block and made it around the corner at the end of the street and the next thing I know is it is wanting a drink of gas. so give it a good drink right up to the top and while I am paying the bill, sure enough it takes off on me again. It took another hour to get it back home, now it is to late for a bath, so I tucked it in and went to bed.

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What are you gonna do with a that bike? What's wrong with it. I might consider buying it back.

Needs a new wiring harness. Which you might be able to better do than Mike. Mike can't tolerate the heat and basically exhausted all the time. I used to tease him all the time that he's a Yankee and couldn't accumulate to the climate. Not that at all we learned in May. He has a genetic blood disorder that causes malformed red blood cells, and it was something he was born with, but his doctors in Connecticut overlooked growing up. Took an Arab doctor living locally to recognize the condition (its very common amongst North Africans, African-Americans, Arabs, and Mediterranean people in Europe, since he's Croatian, go figure) and start monitoring it. But it explains his constant fatigue and heat intolerance, just means things like working outside are nearly impossible for him. Bright side is he has an excuse now to eat lots of beef several times a week to maintain his iron levels. I'll ask him if he's willing to sell it. He keeps saying he wants to fix it, but it's just sitting.


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Guest Jamsie

dried the bike off as i got caught in a shower at my local bike meet, where i spotted this engineering work of artDSCF0619.jpg





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dried the bike off as i got caught in a shower at my local bike meet, where i spotted this engineering work of art[ATTACH=CONFIG]106414[/ATTACH]






WOW ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ WOW WOW WOW :178::178::178: - now THAT is GORGEOUS (in a gearheaded crazy kind of way)!!!! What piece of art work Jamsie - THANK YOU for sharing!!

I have done my fair share of building long bikes and dealing with front end geometry but gotta say - looking at the front end build on that sweetheart makes my eyes bleed :cool10::cool10::cool10: - LOTS going on there!! One of the things that popped into my mind right away in looking at it (front end) is the amount of wear points - where small amounts of looseness could create steering issues. Wish I could have been with you Jamsie cause I would have LOVED to chatted with the builder and got his input into that.. Years ago I was at the Sturgis Rally yakking with other builders on Main Street during a late night chit chat.. Guy had amazing "hubless" wheels on his Chop - wheels were wide open, to the extent that I was able to crawl right them them (which I did).. The rims were basically a big bearings - really exotic for the era.. I noticed right away that the rear drive pulley was about 1 1/2"'s off the ground - I asked him how he cornered such a critter cause it seemed (to me) that the potential for the pulley making contact with the ground in a corner was wayyy to close.. The builder smiled and said - "this is a show bike ONLY - not rideable..

Looks to me though that this beauty is a RIDER though Jamsie - judging by tire wear and all that... WOW that is pretty!!

Spent a fair amount of time Tig Welding stainless pipe building Powerhouses here the States and gotta say - those pipes REALLY make me :cool10::cool10::cool10:,,, BEAUTIFUL piece of work:guitarist 2::guitarist 2::guitarist 2::guitarist 2::guitarist 2:



AND CHECK OUT THAT ARIEL IN THE BACKGROUND :scared::scared::scared::scared::scared::scared:


I would have spent the whole day just GLARING at those two scoots!!:thumbsup:

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After flushing the dirty air in my tires, I added some new bug parts to the fairing and lights. oh !!! and I did readjust the lower wind vents. At that point I had reached the limits of my mechanical abilities so I popped open a Qt. of apple pie to see if I could loosen up some forgotten techniques, but, that didn't work :doh: so I went for a swim :big-grin-emoticon:

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