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Laid the bike down - wrenched the knee


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Interesting topic. I have been riding bikes for a long time. Big cruisers with 1600cc and even now I have a 1600 RoadStar. Then I got the Venture and dropped it in two consecutive days. Both at gas stations. I then realized that I have been  trying to pull up to the gas stations and stop with the handle bars not straight and turned left. Both times it went left. Rookie mistakes in handling these bikes. I fought it the first time but let it down the second time. You can stop a cruiser with the handle bars turned a bit but not a big touring heavy bike now I know. 

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IMG_20220909_081813.thumb.jpg.b06152701320bf413a9dee3af0ca6c6f.jpgWent for ride with wife on the back. Ok till I stopped. going up to stop sign, wife adjusted herself and over it went. Got it back up and went home. I also have a bad knee. Realized to ride two up would require some help. I put a voyager kit on it and we ride together again.

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