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Rear Intercom Problem


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Hi all:


Any chance anyone has had a problem with the passenger intercom. The radio/CB work fine and can be heard in the drivers headset fine. However, the passenger hears nothing.


The two shops I use were of no help, didn't want to try to figure it out and pretty much sai I was on my own. Anyone have any thought where I might begin in trying to resolve this issue?



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First thing I would do, is , find, open, and clean ALL the connectors for the Entire Audio system.

From the Rear control panel, follow the the Cable, somplace under the passenger seat you should find a " DIN " connector, I would suspect that might be loose, or the pins need cleaning.


Go to the Radio, amplifier unit, reomove, and clean all plugs and connectors, Use electrical contact cleaner on all male and female pins. ( get some CRC brand electrical contact cleaner, most auto parts stores carry it. )


I would suspect a Loose connector someplace in the system.

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