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My bike took a leak!


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And it has me concerned. We went out for a day trip to Whistler, BC. Nice place if you've ever get the chance.

Making a couple stops I noticed a wet spot after backing out of a parking spot.

Not a little amount of clear liquid. I didn't examine it any more than to look at it from the back of the machine. But it looked like water. Kinda like when an air conditioner leaks under a car on hot days. It seems to have stopped now...but it has me worried!

Should I be?

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Most likely gas, happens to me all the time when I fuel up, then park to go inside. The heat expansion is causing this. Now I do not fuel up until after we eat or the restroom thing.


That's exactly what we did. Fueled up and went for coffee before we went on the road.

Then the road for the next 20 miles was stop and go traffic in Vancouver downtown. Was a tad warm with the sun and all. That was when I noticed it even more so...but I didn't smell gas.

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