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  2. Hello bigpop, Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Please introduce yourself so that our members can get to know you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. bigpop joined on the 05/15/2021. View Member
  3. There is an automotive thermostat that can interchange cheaper. Napa part # 455318. Part stores should be able to cross reference that. Way cheaper than $60.
  4. Taking this one step further, can you use the module to trigger a relay that is wired to the front turn signals? May need to isolate the turn signal relay from the circuit but maybe not...
  5. Good thought. Each cylinder is hot to the touch, but with water cooling it would do. I do think it is running on all four though - I've had a misfire before and think I remember what it's like (easy not to though - it does still run with three). The obvious way to be 100% sure is to use an infra red thermometer on each exhaust pipe, which I can do easily. It would have sounded lumpy because of a questionable seal from the front left downpipe to the collector box, loose ones to the silencers and, most crucially, a poor seal on the rear right nasty/silly olive joint thingy. The collector bo
  6. This is no help to you but I think that’s an odd feature to get rid of on Yamahas end. I was amazed to stumble upon the hazard switch on my 87 last year. Unfortunately got to use it broke down in the left turn lane of a 7 lane interchange on I15 with my 14yo daughter. Hazards kept most people from flipping us off while we worked out the problem.
  7. Hey Don, When you have time could you see about restoring these two threads, thanks in advance Rear Hub Lubrication Mr. Gasket Fuel Pump Conversion ***EDIT*** Now there really is no rush, I put my $.02 computer education to work and realized that the web addresses to the pics in the threads work, they just aren't showing up in the threads. So I'm all set.
  8. Here’s a little more clarification of my testing. Technically not “bench” test as I needed the bike connections. But I used comparable components. Now I’m getting the random “7” again which I fear will drain my battery so in the Interim I’ll leave it disconnected. Some pics of the test Pot and Erratic 7. Note: the unit is upside down. IMG_0116.MOV IMG_0115.MOV
  9. OK, well I loaded the COP program and then transferred the timing table over from the file you shared above. Just took it out, seemed to start up very good, no choke needed. Definitely feels like the part throttle response is much better and the top end seems to pull pretty hard compared to the stock curve. Its very close at least so its hard to tell, but just going by the seat of the pants. I tried to listen for any pinging and at least I couldn't hear it anywhere in the rev range, loaded or unloaded. Now for some long term testing and observation to see if the fuel economy improves at all. O
  10. Just thinking out loud here. Sounds to me like that power plant may only be running on 2 or maybe 3. Way to much shaking going on. Never mind that you had only a few bubbles, there should not be any of those,,, after all, it's not the bath for the missus is it? If I am right on it not running on all four, then why isn't it? Could be that 1 cylinder is out and not combusting, but also leaking into the coolant. If it's not combusting, there wouldn't be any combusting gases to test for. Maybe pull the plugs and see what they look like, and do a compression or leakdown test.
  11. dfitzbiz rebuilt my shock - very reasonable and quick turn around
  12. How many guns will be there? What do you have against the guy 😉
  13. Always wondered how that was all put together and what made it tick. Now I still don't know, but glad you have it under control.
  14. So I still have no idea why it was displaying a “7” but that seems to be gone. Up until today I have been overly impressed with the engineering and quality of this machine. Maybe the CB units were outsourced but I came across the most inappropriate design for attaching fly wires to a circuit card. Most of the wires have broken strands. They thought it a good idea to solder 26 AWG stranded copper to a surface pad. Not even plated strands. Anyway I put the OEM design back in place and bench tested the squelch Pot which failed. Radio Shack didn’t have a 50k of the right dimension in stock
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hi @marcelmot in Romania and welcome to VR from Puc in Muskegon Mi USA!! Glad you found us! If you and your friend on his Royal Star pulled into my driveway and told me of the issue his bike was having and also told me that the bike had been running fine I would have him start it up and let it idle. Then I would put some spit on my finger (or use an infra red temp gun) and check each exhaust header to make sure it was running on all four cylinders at an idle. If it had a dead cylinder or two I would pull the plugs on those cylinders and check them for spark.. It is not uncommon for these bik
  17. Welcome Chris, You might want to check into a Works or a Hagon shock for your bike. I've heard about someone who has rebuilt the stock shock, but I'm not sure on who that is.
  18. I agree with the above,. Certainly sounds like it its not running on all cylinders. Also check that the boots that connect to the top of the carbs are all seated correctly. If overtightened, they tend to slip off and suck air.
  19. Welcome! I’m sure somebody will be able to point you in the right direction.
  20. Hello everyone I'm new here. I was sent over here form a Royal bstat gouo on face book. I ride a 2005 Royal star tour deluxe. This bike is my pride and joy. I run a business called biker bobs burgers and dogs to pay for my motorcycle addiction. I recently had my read shock blow out and need it repaired. Is there any one here who does a rear shock exchange. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I loon forward to all the help and kindness we can offer each other.
  21. Hello Chris Aumand, Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Please introduce yourself so that our members can get to know you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Chris Aumand joined on the 05/14/2021. View Member
  22. Sonny Rattan has been a pos that kicked several members off his page for the slightest mention of this group. and as the admin of about 9 of the royal star fb groups, please dont lump them all into the jass acks fan group.
  23. He sent me PMs for days.... basically calling me out from the other side of the continent. I think he may have banned me from his page but I don't think I miss him.
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