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1999 Royal Star Venture Freebird's Photos

Freebird’s VentureRider.Org Photo Gallery
1999 Royal Star Venture Freebird's Photos
Will get around to taking some new pictures one of these days but here is what I had handy.

1999 Royal Star Venture
Matching Bushtec RoadStar trailer

Accessories added.
Corbin Dual Touring Seat
IPOD MP3 player
RSTD Mufflers
LED Brake Light
Harley Tail Lights
Dyna 3000 ignition module
Mic Mutes intercom conversion
Yamaha passing lamps
Yamaha bag rails
Yamaha trunk rack
Yamaha ball milled chrome air breather covers
Yamaha ball milled carb covers
Yamaha ball milled air breather (twinky) covers
Yamaha ball milled front caliper covers
K&N air filters
Kuryakyn highway pegs
Hopnel tank bib
Hopnel trunk bib
Diamond R leveling links
Diamond R passenger highway pegs
Diamond R chrome wind deflectors with SS brackets
Chrome ignition bezel
Clearview windshield
Windshield vents
Baron's tach
Fiam electric horns
Custom saddlebag hinge covers
Galfer SS brake lines
Galfer SS Clutch line
Flanders Bars
Barnett SS Throttle cables
VMAX Rear End
Rick Butler Rear Brake Mod
Zumo 665 with XM Module and BuddyRich Cell Cable
Headlight modulator
SunPro gauges with "PONCH" face plate
Buddyrich lower wind blockers
Carbon_One crash bar strengtheners
Sonic Front Springs
SkyDoc clutch kit
Yamaha front fender rail
Yamaha trunk spoiler
AceHighLeathers custom saddlebag lid covers
AceHighLeathers custom gas cap cover
YSS Rear Shock

I'm sure I'm forgetting something

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
Yes..I KNOW I'm a lucky man. 1999 Royal Star Venture Freebird's Photos - Photo 1720 1999 Royal Star Venture Freebird's Photos - Photo 1721 1999 Royal Star Venture Freebird's Photos - Photo 1722 1999 Royal Star Venture Freebird's Photos - Photo 1723
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Member: Freebird
Forum Profile: View this Members Profile
Created: 08-16-2006 05:52 PM
Last Modified: 07-20-2013 10:49 AM
Views: 14845
Images: 5
Comments: 29

Author Comment Date
Freebird I absolutely love it. I've owned it for 14 years. Have never owned a bike or automobile for that long before. 06-18-2013
sach57 How do you like your 99 venture? Just bought one that looks just like it, 21000 miles on it, looks to be in good shape. 06-18-2013
Zfrebird4 When you do, for heavens sake, include your bautiful wife!

Jack Tharp
Ft Collins
Freebird Opinions vary but in MY opinion, it is safe so long as you do it properly. That means loading it correctly, not overloading, etc. I've probably pulled a trailer at least 30,000 miles and have never had a problem. 02-02-2010
victor I want to ask some question, is it dangerus the trailer or it is safe, because I want go to alaska and I think take a trailer it is ok, but I never use it. Help me with some informatoion about. I am Vidriosman, and llive in Mexico 02-02-2010
NRXtreme Awesome pictures Don. Looks like I missed a complete generation of touring bikes from Yamaha. What's sad is the my 1996 Wing only has like 23,000 miles on her. Just amazing how time flies. Seaduty then working a job oncall 24/7 and now over here. Opps not about me. Nice looking family and I swear you could pass for one of the guys I worked with. Wayne 11-15-2009
Zfrebird4 Nice to enjoy your shots and family fiews again. Keep riding and living safe, well and long. Ride to CO and I'll try to keep up with you at 70 with two new knees and on my 86 VR! LOL

Freebird Yes, sometimes I do. I am pretty tall so can usually stretch enough to look over it when I just have to. 04-15-2009
dnBunnie Hi Don,

I have the same bike. I saw that you have a high screen. I bought a low one because when it is raining you hardly can see thru. Don't you have that problem?
Gary Miller Love that trailer setup.Does pulling it put a strain on the engine? 01-15-2009
raglandjeanie hi freebird,thanks for being our first friend,great looking family,great looking bike also,ride safe,jeanie & george ragland 10-25-2008
Stratcat Finally got around to checking out your pics, great looking Bike/Trailer combo and good lookin couple! Hope to see you in June1 04-09-2008
Ed Stepps Very nice looking set-up. I just got my 1st Venture last week so I have to spend alot of money on accessories yet. But I think it will be worth it. Had a 96 gold wing and sold it to buy this RSV. 04-03-2008
littlehal Hi Freebirds I'm Littlehal Hay good looking ride and rider hope to get to meet you some day! still riding the old 83 Venture I am going to send you a check for 1 bell.Hope to see you soon littlehal 11-02-2007
YAMA MAMA What a nice looking young couple! I'll bet they ride a RSV! 06-17-2007
GigaWhiskey That is a really nice looking trailer and it looks great hooked up! 06-04-2007
Bvinson Is that the trailer we are giving away in Ft. Collins????? 05-08-2007
Turbo Rat wow,great looking ride,love the trailor 03-11-2007
grandpagak nice pictures ,nice lookin wife, she deserves a first gen 02-01-2007
rapper someday 10-07-2006
Freebird Yea...sometimes she doesn't know how lucky she is. 09-13-2006
Zfrebird4 The Lady and the bike go together well; you? Well .... Z 09-13-2006
Zfrebird4 But where's the Queen for the back seat?> YOu know the one that is higher than you?> LOL Z 09-07-2006
Zfrebird4 really nice lookiing bike and trailer. Think I've seen one like that before? If not earned before, well earned in restoring site! Z 09-07-2006
Mean Dog Don, that is a great looking combination! I hope mine looks as good someday! 09-06-2006
E-Fishin-C Yah ! Rub it in Don with all your accessories You are as bad as I am great lookin scoot 09-06-2006
E-Fishin-C Im waiting 4 more photos 08-30-2006
Brianwgn That is a very nice lokking trailer! 08-17-2006
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