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  2. Our soldiers
  3. We lost our best friend today
  4. In Memory of Richard Vestal
  5. In memorium idea
  6. Rick Vestal
  7. It's hard to ride with tears in the eyes
  8. My Dad
  9. Just lost a good friend to ALS today.
  10. "Caddy"
  11. My baby girl Kristen Michelle Jordan
  12. PFC Phillip "Brandon" Williams
  13. Our fallen Canadian soldiers ...
  14. In memory of request...a photo with a name...
  15. The Moving Wall
  16. Arlington Cemetary at Christmas
  17. Kelley
  18. Aboriginal Elder at my work.
  19. Tn. State Trooper Calvin Jenks
  20. Manchester NH has lost a Son
  21. The Saddest Day of My Life
  22. Another quiet hero gone
  23. My Sister
  24. Gerry Calhoun (Commander Venture)
  25. Steven W. Guthrie Jr.
  26. Thoughts for families of shooting.
  27. Mini Muffins Grandmother
  28. Biker Down
  29. Sgt. Michael Hullender
  30. For Tom E and all that are missed
  31. Tom's passing
  32. Just wanted to post Tom's picture with wife Sherry
  33. My Aunt Went for Her Final Ride Today
  34. Friend's Son Dies in Motorcycle Accident
  35. My Friend Don
  36. Fallen Officers
  37. Police and peace officers memorial parade!!!
  38. My Best Friend
  39. Leslie's Funeral Arrangements
  40. Lose of a Legend
  41. Second time in six months..
  42. To my baby girl
  43. Tom Parr
  44. The passing of a really good man
  45. he's back with his wife
  46. Debbie
  47. My wonderful mother in law
  48. A Friend And Fellow VentureRider Has Passed Away.
  49. My Dad is My Hero, A Tribute To Greg Darling In The Words Of An 8 Year Old.
  50. MeanDog rides with God
  51. Ride To Greg Darling's (GOYO's) Memorial Service
  52. juston pryor
  53. Mean Dog.....................
  54. the hippy dippy weatherman
  55. "Funeral for a Friend"
  56. Tony Snow
  57. Squad 41
  58. Just wanted to say...
  59. Motor Officer Killed
  60. More bad new from my family
  61. OFFICER PAT MCDONALD - "1000 bikes for Pat"
  62. Oct. 17/07 One year later
  63. Sad day for my family
  64. Honoring a fellow co-worker
  65. Alan Johnson
  66. Sad day for Ventureriders...........
  67. Darrell (Dabber or Maddabber) Steuer Obituary
  68. Paul Polzin
  69. Skippy
  70. In Memory of Darrell "Shifty" Powers
  71. Good Bye Patrick
  72. In memory of Mike Traynor, founder of Ride for Kids
  73. My Good Friend...Ron Gaskill
  74. Colin Morrish - founder of UK Venture Club
  75. CanadianRider
  76. TFD69 In memory of, one year later
  77. Passing of a Member
  78. Just a sad time......
  79. In memory of Garry Brown
  80. February 7th, 2010
  81. Brother in law has passed on
  82. Bob Edwards - Rest in Peace our Friend
  83. In Memory of Tom Haugh
  84. Mom
  85. In Memory of Buster
  86. In Memory of Al Tigchelaar
  87. Spc David Hess yeah WBC is at it again
  88. Lost an old friend this weekend.
  89. In memory of FUBAR
  90. With a Heavy Heart
  91. Lost in Afghanistan, 5-1-2011
  92. My dad passed on today.
  93. RIP Columbo
  94. In memory of fallen Aussie LEOs
  95. Thank you Jesus!
  96. Bad accident yesterday, lost a rider.
  97. R.i.p. Ben
  98. Lost my Dad this week.
  99. Good Bye Joe
  100. R.I.P. Stompin Tom
  101. mroldfart2u from chatroom radio... RIP
  102. George Jones ... R.I.P.
  103. R.I.P. Pastor Paul...
  104. So long Kurt Muncy
  105. Mark Hopey
  106. Mike Capicik, venture rider, Indiana state police
  107. We lost another from "The Greatest Generation"
  108. Looking to tribute to my friend
  109. Missing mate and bike found today. Sad news.
  110. In memory of yankeereb
  111. In Memory of Father
  112. 2014 Annual VR "In Memory Of" ride day